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Measuring sensor

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Our Surface Temperature Sensors are high quality, rugged instruments with a precision RTD calibrated to US National Standards

The sensor's output is 4-20 mA with a two wire configuration. Each of the surface temperature sensors is mounted on 25’ of marine grade cable, with lengths up to 500’ available upon request. The sensor's electronics are completely encapsulated in marine grade epoxy within an ABS plastic housing.
Surface Temperature Sensor Applications
The surface temperature sensors are well suited for many applications including, pipe temperature monitoring, solar panel temperature, water tanks, control panels, and many others.

Options and Accessories

  • WE710 – Surface Temperature Sensor
  • WQEXC – Extra Cable, up to 500 feet
  • Cable length is measured from end of cable to bottom of sensor.
  • GL500 – Surface Temperature Sensor Data Logger
  • PC300 – Surface Temperature Sensor Controller
  • EZ100 – Surface Temperature Sensor Display

  • Sensor Type: 100ohm Platinum Class A RTD
  • Output: 4-20 mA
  • Range: -58°F to +185°F (-50°C to +85°C)
  • Accuracy: ±0.5°F (±0.25°C)
  • Operating Voltage: 10-36 VDC
  • Current Draw: Same as sensor output current
  • Warm-Up Time: 3 seconds minimum
  • Adhesive Type: 3M #4910 Acrylic
  • Storage Temp: -67°F to +195°F (-55°C to +90°C)
  • Sensing Surface: 0.75x1.5 inch (19x38 mm) Aluminum
  • Housing: 2.0x1.1x3.8 inch (5x2.8x9.7 cm) (WxHxL) ABS
  • Weight: 13oz (368g) with 25 ft of cable