Satellite Internet Telemetry

Satellite Internet Telemetry

  • Remote data and control anywhere - guaranteed
  • Receive data by internet on your computer
  • Near real time spreadsheet data and control

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Global Water's SIT70 Satellite Internet Telemetry provides the easiest and most economical way to collect environmental data remotely

The remote system uses the latest satellite and Internet technologies to bring data to your computer in near real time. It includes a data transmitter and a rechargeable battery enclosed in a rugged, water resistant, and lockable enclosure; a ground-to-satellite antenna; and mounting hardware.

The SIT70 system will interface with most sensors, including all of Global Water's rugged 4-20 mA sensors. The power supply can support 5VDC, 12VDC, or 18VDC sensors. It includes up to eight analog inputs, up to four factory programmable status/accumulator inputs, and up to four control outputs.

The system is simple to set up and operate: just hook up your sensors, point the antenna to the sky, and turn on your telemetry equipment. Satellite service is available anywhere in the world. It uses UHF frequencies to contact a large number of satellites in orbit resulting in a maximum latency rate of four minutes with a half hour transmission rate. Data is transmitted from the system based on programmed time intervals and/or alarms and is transferred via satellite and Internet to a dedicated web page. You can monitor and collect data anywhere you have web access.


  • Remote data and control anywhere - guaranteed!
  • Receive data by internet on your computer
  • Near real time spreadsheet data and control
  • Alarms by text to your cell phone or email
  • Interface to almost any sensor
  • Easy installation - just install antenna and turn it on
  • Low cost/economical
  • Solar, battery, or AC power

Options and Accessories

  • SIT70 Satellite Internet Telemetry (PN# FM1750)
  • Includes the following parts: transmitter, antenna with 5 ft cable, rugged NEMA 4 enclosure, a rechargeable 5 AH gel cell battery, and mounting hardware.
  • FM0100 Satellite Telemetry Subscription Service
  • Service fee based on number of sensors and frequency of transmission.
Analog InputsUp to 8 analog 4-20mA, 0-1mA, 0-500uA, 0-5VDC, 0-10VDC, or 0-15VDC. Dedicated battery voltage monitor
Digital Inputs (Optional)Up to 4
Digital Input Configuration OptionsAccumulators (pulse counters),digital status, or event status in any combination
Control Outputs (Optional)Up to 4
Control Output CapabilitySink 1/2 ADC Max
Power Requirements12V DC
BatteryRechargeable 12V 5AH Gel Cell
Power Supply for Sensors+5VDC, +12VDC, or +18VDC
Current Draw12VDC @ 5mA minimum standby; 50mA receiving; 2A transmitting
Operating Temperature-40° to +140°F (-40° to +60°C) Battery may not apply
Storage Temperature-58° to +185°F (-50° to +85°C)
Humidity0-100% non-condensing
Antenna Cable5 ft standard
Transmission Frequency1616-1625.5 Mhz
Average Transmission Power1.6W
Transmission Latency70% of reports arrive within 1 minute, worst case at 1/2 hr report interval (4 minutes)
DimensionsInner 10x12x6 in (25.4x30.5x15.2cm),Outer Lid 12x14 in (30.5x35.5 cm)
Weight21 lbs (9.5 kg) shipping weight Weight: 0.66 lb (0.3kg)