Sensor alarm for water

Sensor alarm for water

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The Global Water Level Alarm (WA600) is a solid state sensor for detecting the presence of conductive solutions

Each of the water alarms features two stainless steel electrodes that are positioned at a desired point for liquid detection. When fluid is detected, a relay closes in the unit and the signal can be used to sound an alarm or close a switch inside a piece of remote monitoring equipment. The relay output is fully isolated and can handle 2 amps of current.

After the water alarm sensor is dried, the detection sensor will reset without requiring additional service. The level alarm is rugged and durable and requires minimal maintenance.


  • Surface water monitoring
  • Precision level detecting
  • Pond water level control
  • Water level controllers
  • Water monitoring instrumentation
  • High water indicator
  • Submersible marine low level indicator


GLWA600-00 Water Alarm Sensor


Dimensions 1" diameter x 5"
Weight 6 oz.
Electronics Solid state, fully encapsulated in epoxy.
Electrodes 304 stainless steel
Cable4 wire shielded; 25' length (may be extended to 500')
Input Voltage5VDC to 36VDC
Current Draw Continuous 27mA, Active 44 mA
Alarm Output Switch closure, 2 Amps Maximum Isolated Relay