• Ultrasonic level transmitter WL750 Water

Ultrasonic level transmitter WL750 Water

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The WL750 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter is perfect for short range, non-contact tank level measurements for a variety of liquids and solids

With its narrow 8 degree beam angle and slim 1.38 in (35mm) chemical-resistant process end, the WL750 is designed for accurate level measurements even in relatively small tanks. Purchase of the WL750 includes a 3-bolt 2-3/4 inch flange for use in secure mounting.

Capable Data Display and Transmitter

The WL750 includes an integrated LCD display, user interface, and transmitter unit that provides a local level readout and the ability to send a scalable, 4-20 mA signal to another device. The display/ transmitter also features user-programmable settings and an LED alarm light. TheWL750’s optional power and signal cable assemblies connect to the display unit with a molded on, locking 5-pin plug.

Flexible Signal Cable and Power Options

You can select an optional signal cable assembly that will connect to the WL750 display’s 5-pin plug. Choose from 6-foot (2m) (Option WL750-CBL-2) or 16-foot (5m) (Option WL750-CBL-5) cable assemblies. If you would like to create your own longer cable runs, you can simply purchase the unit with just the 5-pin plug. The WL750 will work with up to 3,000 feet of the appropriate signal cable. Please note, either a cable assembly or 5- pin plug is required. Flexible power options are also available for the WL750, such as the IDEC 24 volt power supply (see Ordering & Options).


  • Integrated display and user interface
  • Compact chemical resistant body
  • User adjustable limits and alarm points
  • Scalable 4-20 mA signal output


Ideal for wastewater treatment tanks, water treatment tanks, stormwater basins, small tanks, tanks of liquids and solids, and more.

Ordering & Options

Ultrasonic Level Transmitters
Order NO.  Operating Range
WL750-4  0.66 to 4.3 feet
WL750-8  0.98 to 7.5 feet
Cable Assemblies*
Order NO.  Description
WL750-CBL-2  6 feet (2m) Cable & Connector
WL750-CBL-5  16 feet (5m) Cable & Connector
WL750-PLG  5-Pin Locking Plug (no cable)
* A cable assembly or 5-pin plug is a required item.
Order NO.  Description
PS5R-SC24   IDEC Slim Line 24VDC Power Supply
Supply Voltage 18 to 30 VDC
Power Consumption < 3 watts
Output 4-20 mA, 2 to 10 V across 500 Ohm resistor to 0 V
Switching Values (S1 and S2)PNP or NPN selectable; 300 mA max load
Hysteresis Adjustable; position depends on min. or max. setting
DisplayGraphical LCD display; back-lit LED signaling lamp
ConnectionM 12x1; 5-pole locking plug
Beam Angle8 degrees
Accuracy ±0.2% full scale
Linearity Error < 0.3% full scale
Temperature Error0.03% °C
Operating Temperature32 to 158°F (0 to 70°C)
Operating Pressure Ambient
Approval IP67, CE
Wetted MaterialsPET 30% GV, epoxy resin
Housing Materials Stainless steel, tempered glass
Mounting 3-bolt flange with set screw for adjustment
Weight 0.8 lbs (363 g)
Dimensions 4 in dia. x 8.5 in long (10 cm dia. x 21.6 cm long)