Portable Low Range EC / TDS Meter

Portable Low Range EC / TDS Meter

  • EC Range: 0 to 3999 μS/cm
  • TDS Range: 0 to 2000 ppm (mg/L)
  • Temperature Range: 0.0 to 60.0°C / 32.0 to 140.0°F

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The HI99300 is a rugged, portable EC/TDS and temperature meter housed in a case rated for IP67 conditions.

It is supplied with a two-ring conductivity probe to allow for low range EC measurements from 0 to 3999 µS/cm and TDS measurements from 0 to 2000 ppm. All readings are adjusted with Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) and users are able to adjust the temperature correction coefficient and TDS factor for accurately compensated measurements.
  • One-point Automatic Calibration
  • Adjustable TDS Factor
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation

The portable, waterproof Portable Low Range EC/TDS Meter - HI99300 is suitable for use in applications as diverse as wastewater treatment, reverse osmosis, and HVAC. It measures low range conductivity in µS/cm and TDS in ppm. The HI76306 EC/TDS probe is a two-ring sensor that resists clogging and is easy to clean. The probe also features a built-in temperature sensor to allow for Automatic Temperature Compensation from 0 to 60°C (32 to 140°F).
The meter easily fits in the palm of your hand and the bottom probe connection ensures the electrode cable doesn’t get in the way. The large, multi-level LCD displays the primary reading, temperature, and calibration guides simultaneously. Symbols and messages on the LCD indicate meter status and guides users through operations.  

Features at-a-glance

Two-ring Probe

The HI76306 is a two-ring probe that comes with the HI99300, offering an accurate solution for low range EC and TDS readings. The probe features a built-in temperature probe to allow for temperature compensated readings.

Two Measurement Modes

HI99300 offers two measurement modes: EC and TDS. Users can easily switch between measurement modes with a simple press of the MODE button. EC measurements range from 0 to 3999 µS/cm; TDS measurements range from 0 to 2000 ppm.

Adjustable TDS Factor

The TDS value in aqueous solutions is directly proportional to conductivity. The ratio between the two parameters depends on the solution being measured. The HI99300 has an adjustable TDS factor from 0.45 to 1.00 with 0.01 intervals, allowing users to choose the conversion factor that is the most appropriate for their particular solution.

Automatic Temperature Compensation

Since temperature has such a dramatic effect on conductivity and TDS readings, having a meter that offers temperature compensated readings is invaluable. The probe of the HI99300 features a built-in temperature sensor that automatically accounts for the effects of temperature in the range of 0 to 60°C (32 to 140°F).

Adjustable Temperature Compensation Coefficient

The temperature compensation coefficient, also known as β, is adjustable from 0.0 to 2.4%/°C with 0.1% intervals; this factor corrects the reading a set percentage % for each degree Celsius change in the sample.

Automatic Calibration

The HI99300 can be automatically calibrated at one point in a standard EC or TDS solution. A 1413 µS/cm standard is used for EC calibration, which will automatically calibrate TDS readings. However, if the meter is in TDS mode and set to either 0.5 or 0.7 conversion factor, a direct calibration in 1382 ppm or 1500 ppm (using 0.5 or 0.7 conversion factor, respectively) TDS calibration solution can be used.

Battery Error Prevention System (BEPS)

The Battery Error Prevention System detects when the batteries become too weak to ensure reliable measurements.
Instability Indicator - The HI99300 displays a clock tag that will disappear when a reading has achieved stability.

EC Range0 to 3999 μS/cm
EC Resolution1 μS/cm
EC Accuracy±2% FS
TDS Range0 to 2000 ppm (mg/L)
TDS Resolution1 ppm (mg/L)
TDS Accuracy±2% F.S.
Temperature Range0.0 to 60.0°C / 32.0 to 140.0°F
Temperature Resolution0.1°C / 0.1°F
Temperature Accuracy±0.5°C /±1°F
EC/TDS Temperature Compensationautomatic, 0 to 60°C (32 to 140°F) with β adjustable from 0.0 to 2.4%/°C with 0.1% step
Calibrationautomatic, one point at 1413 μS/cm, 1382 ppm (CONV 0.5) or 1500 ppm (CONV 0.7)
EC/TDS Factoradjustable from 0.45 to 1.00 with 0.01 step (default 0.50)
Electrode/ProbeHI76306 EC/TDS probe with internal temperature sensor, DIN connector and 1 m (3.3’) cable (included)
Battery Type/Life1.5V AAA (3) / approximately 500 hours of continuous use. auto-off after 8 minutes of non-use
Environment0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F); RH max 100%
Dimensions143 x 80 x 38 mm (5.6 x 3.2 x 1.5’’)
Weight320 g (11.3 oz)
Ordering InformationHI99300 is supplied with HI76306 EC/TDS probe, batteries, instruction manual, and rugged carrying case.
Warranty2 years (probe 6 months)