• Portable air sampler

Portable air sampler

HI-Q has incorporated a high efficiency,variable speed circuit in its CF-995B,battery operated air sampler series which allows its users to preset flow rates by varying the blower motor speed.

The CF-995B &CF-995B-4 are ideal for adjustable flow, remote location air sampling where AC line power is not available. An internally mounted battery and battery charger eliminate the need for the transportation of cumbersome battery cables and the awkward handling of heavy batteries.

  • Variable Speed,Internal Battery Powered, Portable Air Sampler
  • Manual Flow Rate Control
  • Internally Mounted 12 Volt,26 Amp-Hour Battery,4 AMP Out Battery Charger, & Automatic AC/DC Relay Switch
  • Panel Mounted Programmable Timer
  • Instantaneous Air Flow Rate Indicator
  • N.I.S.T.Traceable Calibration
  • 2-Stage Brushed Blower
  • For Continuous (AC) or Intermittent (DC)Use

A 10-function,panel- mounted programmable timer allows the user to preset a wide range of sample times and cycles.The maximum settable flow rate of the CF-995B series air samplers is dependent upon the pressure drop across the collection filter media being used.An internally mounted,automatic AC/DC relay switch,allows the CF-995B series air samplers to also be used continuously when AC power is available.Upon Ordering,please specify intended filter media type and size.


Cat. No. Description
CF-995B Variable Speed,Battery operated air sampler complete with internally mounted 115VAC battery charger (4.0 Amp output), 12VDC,26 A.H.Battery,American Type 16/3 grounded cord. Standard Flow Range of 10-95 LPM.Includes 1 1ž2"Female Straight Pipe Thread for “CF ” series holders..Specify intended filter media/size upon ordering.
CF-995B-4 4"Diameter paper only,variable speed,battery operated air sampler complete with internally mounted 115VAC battery charger (4.0 Amp output),12VDC,26 A.H.Battery,American Type 16/3 grounded cord.Standard Flow Range of 30-175 LPM.Use HI-Q ’s FHA-4CF to adapt down to female 1 1ž2"dia. SPT fitting,to accept “CF ” series filter holders..Specify intended filter media/size upon ordering. 
CF-995B/230CF-995B-4/230 Unit as described above with switchable 230/115 VAC battery charger.Nominal output current from charger is 2.0 Amps.
Options & Spare Parts
ACF-993B-005 Replacement Motor Brush Set,2 Brushes/Set
CF-993B-002 Replacement 12 volt DC,26 Amp Hour Battery.This maintenance free,immobilized electrolyte battery is packaged in a high impact resistant ABS plastic case.