• Pocket Tester for fluoride

Pocket Tester for fluoride


The Fluoride Tracer PockeTester offers direct reading of Fluoride down to 0.1 ppm with Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC).

  • First Fluoride meter with built-in Automatic
  • Temperature Compensation
  • Fastest response Fluoride meter (<1 min.)
  • Easy use for Field or Laboratory fluoride testing
  • Small sample/TISAB volume required for testing
  • In compliance with EPA Method 340.2 (Potentiometric Ion Selective Electrode)
  • Automatic electronic 1 or 2 point calibration with offset adjustment
  • Memory stores 25 labeled readings
  • Water-resistant to IP54
  • Large LCD simultaneously displays ppm of Fluoride, Temperature, and analog bargraph indicator
  • Complete with electrode, 20 TISAB reagent tablets, sensor cap, four 3V button batteries, and 48" (1.2m) neckstrap


  • Public Water Fluoridation Control - Fluoride is added to water to prevent tooth decay. However, too much fluoride can harm teeth.
  • The concentration recommended by the American Dental Association is 0.7-1.2ppm.
  • The MCL established by the EPA is 4.0 ppm.
  • Fluoride concentrations in some natural waters can exceed 4 ppm.

Max Resolution Basic Accuracy


0.1 to 10 ppm

0.1 ppm

±3% rdg
Temperature: 32 to 140°F
(0 to 60°C)
0.1°F ±1.8°F (1°C)
Dimensions: 1.4 x 6.9 x 1.6" (36 x 176 x 41mm)
Weight: 7.4 oz (210g)


Item Description


Fluoride Tracer


TISAB Reagent, 100 Tablets 7024-J
Replacement Electrode 1757
Fluoride Standard, 1 ppm, 1000 mL 2798-M
Fluoride Standard, 1,000 ppm, 60 mL 4154-H
Fluoride Standard, 1,000 ppm, 500 mL 4154-L