Road Surface Conductivity Sensor

Road Surface Conductivity Sensor

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Road Surface Conductivity is measured on site in the asphalt road, preferably in each lane.

The sensor measures if the road is dry, wet (ice) or if there a salt content at the road surface. The road sensors are suitable for dense asphalt or asphalt with an open structure or brick pavement. The Road Surface Conducticity sensors are manufactured to withstand all forces which are applied to the roads surface due to the traffic as well the influences of heat, cold, rain and ice. The Road Surface Conductivity sensor is made of stainless steel and epoxy. The measuring range is from 0 – 999 μS

Technical Specifications

Operating Range0-999 μS
Accuracy 0 to 100μS:1μS, 100 to 999μS: 10μS@
DimensionsØ 88,9 mm / height 30 mm
Material Stainless steel 316 / Epoxy
Cable lenght 15 m (Rxx cable*) / Additional length on request
* Rxx cable can withstand high temperatures for short term while fixing the cable into the concrete road surface with compound.


Cat. No.Description
MMMX3160-0Road Surface Conductivity Sensor