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The BA310 from Motic is designed specifically for the rigors of daily routine work.

For the demanding applications of University education, Haematology and Cytology Clinical and Laboratory usage, and any other life science or medical application demanding quality optical performance.

Using Motic's Color Corrected Infinity Optics (CCIS®) with newly designed EF-N Plan Achromats, this model's full Koehler configuration provides maximum illumination quality for even the most demanding samples. Also, the BA310's upgradeability to include additional contrast methods, discussion devices, and EPI fluorescence ensure this model will offer long term functionality to all user levels in a variety of applications.

The demands placed on any routine microscope for daily work needs careful focus on every microscope detail. In this new design, MOTIC has paid careful attention to optimize the new BA310 features in all respects. The 30W illumination provides the user with a powerful and adjustable light source to meet both delicate and detailed lighting requirments for all sample types while the fully featured Koehler illumination of the BA310 helps in highlighting even the weakest stained specimens. Motic's new CCIS® Infinity Optics, the EF-N Plan Achromat objectives, provide optimal image contrast through newly designed multi-layer lens coatings. The new fully corrected tube lens and subsequent intermediate image without color fringing is now fully accessible through both eyepiece and trinocular port making digital images as crisp and clear as those seen through the eyepieces. The new BA310 design also includes a standardized (DIN/ISO) photoport exit. The BA310's large, hard coated and chemical resistant stage, with an expansive 76x50mm travel range, incudes a new slide holder with improved tighter grip. This ensures easy and repeatable scanning of numerous slides in all daily routines. 


To improve the overall optical performance of the BA310, Motic introduces a newly designed generation of Plan Achromatic Objectives made of high quality optical glass; CCIS® EF-N Plan. These new lenses are now multi-layer coated for improved contrast to enhance images even with weak slide stainings. Together with a new calculated tube lens, the result is a fully corrected, perfected intermediate image without colored fringes. The Trinocular BA310 gives digital access for even sharper imaging and improved digital output quality for professional results at student level.

Magnification N.A. W.D. (mm)
EF-N Plan 4X 0.10 6,3
EF-N Plan 10X 0.25 4,4
EF-N Plan 20X 0.40 4,66
EF-N Plan 40X, Spring 0.65 0,35
EF-N Plan 60X, Spring 0.85 0,13
EF-N Plan 100X, Spring, Oil 1.25 0,13
EF-N Plan Phase 10X 0.25 4,4
EF-N Plan Phase 40X, Spring 0.650,35


The BA310 introduces a new collector lens assembly with a secure, screw-on holder for the frequently used Blue daylight filter which is an integral part of the illumination package. The fixed cap prevents the filter from dropping when the instrument

is stored. The BA310 offers multiple illumination options, such as the Koehler 6V/30W halogen or 3W LED.

Eyepiece Tubes

Designed with an ergonomic viewing angle of 30º and incorporating an interpupillary distance of 48-75mm, the BA310 observation tubes guarantee fatigue-free viewing for hours. A large field of view (20mm) enables fast and comfortable screening.

All standard eyepiece tubes now offer an extended “butterfly” swivel adjustment to increase the viewing height to accommodate individual user’s positioning.

The trinocular tubes allow digital documentation by using a wide variety of digital cameras, with 20/80 or optional 0/100 light splits for the trinocular exit.


The new standard eyepieces, N-WF 10X/20 with high eyepoint for eyeglass wearers, also made of high quality optical glass, provide consistent diopter adjustment for both eyes. This enables perfect usage of reticles for measuring, counting, etc. Lockable eyepieces prevent inadmissible removal and confirms Motic's dedication to student proof quality.

Widefield N-WF 10X
Widefield N-WF 12.5
Widefield N-WF 15X


To ensure the best possible illumination quality, BA310 has a full Koehler feature giving complete freedom to set the heightof the condenser.


The BA310 surprisingly offers an optional left/right hand control and the new slide holder enables consistent sample movement across a 76 X 50mm range with a stage area of 175mm x 140mm. The model also offers a hard coated surface, resistant against routine usage abrasion.

Multi Viewing Devices

The BA310 Series offers multi-viewing teaching devices. There are two options available, depending on the teaching situation in your laboratory; face to face or side by side. The standard field of view of 20mm ensures that maximum information will be given to the student. Depending on the sample, the user can activate the built-in LED pointer in red or green color.


Convenient and easy, the BA310 polarization system consists of a polarizer, placed on top of the collector lens, and the analyzer placed between the head and body.

Anti-Fungus Design

To protect the system from fungus growth in high-humidity environments, an anti-fungus treatment is applied to prolong the life of both microscope and objectives.


BA310 Standard
Optical System Color Corrected Infinity Optical System [CCIS®]
Observation Tube Widefield binocular 30° [F.N. 20]
Widefield trinocular 30° [F.N. 20]- light distribution 100:0/20:80
Widefield trinocular 30° [F.N. 20]- light distribution 100:0/0:100
Nosepiece Reversed quintuple
Stage 175 x 140mm surface; 76 x 50mm movement; coaxial controls
Condenser N.A. 0.9 / 1.25 Abbe condenser with slider slot; Focusable and Centerable
Focus Brass gears
Z-Axis movement 20 mm.
Fine focus with 2μm minimum increment, Coarse focus with torque adjustment
Stage lock for high samples, freely definable
Illumination Built-in transmitted 6V/30W halogen Koehler illumination
Built-in transmitted 3W LED Koehler illumination;
>10,000 hrs bulb life span
Model BA310 Digital
Optical System Color Corrected Infinity Optical System [CCIS®]
Observation Tube Widefield binocular 30° [F.N. 20] with built-in 3 megapixel digital camera-light distribution 100:0/20:80
Camera Specifications Effective Pixels 3.0 Megapixels
Live Image Resolution 2048 x 1536
Data Transfer 480 Mb / Second USB 2.0
White Balance Manual adjustment by using software
Recommended System Windows: XP, Vista or 7; P4 1.0GHz 256MB RAM, USB 2.0
Requirements Mac: OSX, 1.0GHz 256MB RAM, USB 2.0
Software Motic Images Plus 2.0