Precision Anemometer

Precision Anemometer

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The Pacer DA420 Rotating Vane Anemometer is a high quality instrument providing highly accurate air velocity and temperature measurements in harsh environments via a user-friendly & intuitive interface.

Applications include indoor air quality, process control, flow hood monitoring, and many other applications where precise air flow and temperature measurement is required.


  • High accuracy: ±1.0% of reading
  • Rugged metal probe and vane
  • Intuitive user interface design
  • Ultra low speed sensitivity down to 40 ft/mi
  • Industrial grade enclosure and probe
  • Measure airflow in extreme environments from -20° to 100°C
  • Temp measurements from –30° to 100°C
  • Optional Temp probe providing measurement from –95° to 200°C
  • Minimum and Maximum air speed and temp
  • Analog voltage output and Communication options
  • Low power, high performance, RISC microprocessor
  • Advanced software algorithm for precise probe calibration



Probe AP275: 40 to 7800 FPM
0.2 to 40.00 MPS 
(feet per minute)
(meters per second)
Probe AP100:60 to 6800 FPM
0.3 to 35.00 MPS
Temperature (using either air velocity probe head):-22° to 212°F (-30° to 100°C)
Temperature (using separate temperature probe): -139° to 392.0°F (-95.0° to 200.0°C)
Air Velocity: ±1.0% of Reading ±1 digit
Temperature: ±0.3% of Reading ±1 digit
Air Velocity: 1 FPM or 0.01 MPS
Temperature: 0.1°F or °C (1°F below -99.9°F)
0.5” LCD, 4 digits
Operating Temp
Instrument 32° to 125°F / 0° to 50°C
Probe: -4° to 212°F /-20° to 100°C
Power Supply
3 AA alkaline batteries (Eveready E91)
Battery Life
Approximately 300 hours
Instrument: 6.5 inch X 3.25 inch X 1.5 inch
Probe AP275: 2.75 inch diameter
Probe AP100: 1 inch diameter
Instrument Options Available
• Protective Rubber Boot and Splash-Proof Seal
• USB communications
• RS232 communications
• Analog 0-5 Volt output
• Additional RTD temperature probe input
Misc. Options
• Additional Probe PN APT100 or APT275
• Extra extension and/or flexible rods
• Custom cable lengths
• Immersion RTD temperature probe
• Surface RTD temperature probe
• Air RTD temperature probe
DA420 comes complete with
• 1 pc. rotating vane probe head, APT275 or APT100
• 3 pc. extension rod w/ handle grip
• 1 pc. flexible rod
• 1 pc. 5’ connecting cable
note: cable attached to APT100 probe
• 3 pc. AA 1.5 V alkaline batteries
• 1 pc. carrying case