Programmable weather translator

Programmable weather translator

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Fully Programmable Display and Recorder

The Model 26800 Meteorological Display offers a unique and flexible solution for meteorological data measurement, recording and display.

Advanced design has features and flexibility to perform a wide variety of monitoring tasks. From simple display of a single variable to recording data from a complete sensor suite, the 26800 can satisfy countless measure- ment needs.

High Resolution Display
The 26800 features a large, high-contrast LCD screen. The display text and layout are fully programmable so measured data can be displayed in a wide variety of formats. Up to 8 screens may be used. Display illumination is easily adjusted for best viewing in any light.
Fully Programmable
The real strength of the 26800 is the ability of the user to custom program the device to perform virtually any task. A user-friendly PC program allows easy formatting of the program parameters, display screens and recording functions. Programming is also possible using front panel controls when a PC is unavailable.
Data Storage
The 26800 has built-in memory for storage of large amounts of recorded data. More than 2 million data points may be stored. Data retrieval is simplified by the handy communication program provided.
Wide Variety of Inputs
The 26800 is supplied with a large selection of sensor inputs. Wind, temperature, precipitation, humidity and other sensors are easily connected through the back-panel terminals. Frequency, voltage, current-loop and serial inputs are provided. All values are completely scalable in the program.
Useful Outputs
Many output options are available from the 26800. Terminals are available for calibrated voltage outputs and current outputs as well as serial outputs. Switched outputs provide alarm capability.
Practical Design
Compact configuration is easily panel mounted. Adjustable stand permits table top use as well.
The 26800 is compatible with a wide variety of sensors and accessory devices. Terminals for all functions are readily- available on the back panel. Convenient, plug-in terminal blocks simplify wiring and service needs after installation.
Capabilities of the 26800 include the following:
Wind Speed and Direction Input
Conventional wind inputs such as frequency and analos voltage signals are accommodated. Potentiometer excitation is provided for direction sensors.
Temperature Inputs
Connections for temperature devices, including platinum RTDs and thermistors, are made through back panel terminals.
Voltage Inputs
Up to 16 voltage inputs are available allowing connection of humidity sensors, barometers, pyranometers and other devices. Many scaling options are available.
Current Inputs
4-20 mA current loop systems are no problem when long cable lengths or noisy industrial settings are present.
Voltage Outputs
High resolution voltage outputs allow operation of chart recorders and other external devices.
Alarm Outputs
Four low-level control outputs are provided to allow alarm actuation or relay control.
Serial Connections
Both RS 232 and RS485 connections are available allowing easy communication with PCs and other devices.