• Rain Gauge Recorder

Rain Gauge Recorder

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The RainWise rain collector and rain logger combination provides an economical method of collecting and recording rainfall data.

This unit is a combination of our tipping bucket rain gauge and the RainLog™ rain logger, mounted and ready for installation in the ground. It will collect and record rainfall anywhere in the world for one year at a resolution of one minute.

The RainLog™ due to its small size is physically located in the collector assembly protected from the elements. It can be connected to the serial port of a computer either directly or by using the included serial cable. Software that is included runs on Windows 95/98/NT. It will allow you to configure, download, graph and export data from the logger.


  • May be placed in remote locations
  • One year capability - both logger and batteries
  • Uses one lithium battery
  • One minute time/date stamp resolution
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Two year warranty
Cat. No. Description
RALOGGER-C RainLogger Kit
RALOGGER - 0  Additional Datalogger