Liquid and Sludge Sampler

Liquid and Sludge Sampler

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The sampling device enables you to take accurate readings on settled solids in a variety of liquids, to any depth. Lower the Sludge Judge® to the bottom of the tank. When the bottom has been reached and the pipe has filled to the surface level, tug slightly on the rope as the unit is raised. This sets the check valve, trapping the column of solids and liquid in the Sludge Judge®.

When the unit has been raised clear of the liquid, the amount of solids in the sample can be read using the one foot increments marked on the pipe sections. To release the material in the unit, touch the pin extending from the bottom section against a hard surface. This opens the check valve to drain the sample. The Sludge Judge® is ideal for sewage treatment plants, chemical plants, food processing facilities anywhere that accurate samples of solids in noncaustic materials are needed. The unit holds approximately 3 oz. Per foot.

The Sludge Judge® comes in five-foot sections of ¾" plastic pipe with screw type fittings. The top section includes a nylon line for raising the sampler. Convenient carrying case is available.


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NAC09247WAÉchantillonneur Sludge Judge, 15'
NAC09249WAÉtui pour Sludge Judge
NAB01291WABrosse pour Sludge Judge