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LightScout Red/Far-Red meter

Plant use the Red/Far-Red light ratio to determine how crowded they are, and grow tall or full accordingly.
  • Cost-effective Red/Far-Red measurement
  • Display the Red/Far-Red ratio on the LCD screen
  • Press a button to display 660 nm and 730 nm readings
  • Included soft-sided case
Item 3412 LightScout Red/Far-Red


LightScout UV meter

  • Monitor critical UV raditation (250-400 nm) with this handheld meter
  • Determine UV filtering capacity of greenhouse shades and glass barriers
  • Range is 0-200.0 µmol-m-2-s-1 (full sunlight)
Item 3414F LightScout UV Meter
Item 7500 Soft-Sided Carrying Case


LightScout Quantum meter

Measure the light used for plant growth. PAR is a more valuable measurement taht foot-candles as it measures only the lights used by plants for photosynthesis.
  • Measures photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) from 400 to 700 nm
  • Range of 0 to 2,000 µmol-m-2-s-1
  • Available in a variety of configurations for your convenience
Item 3415F LightScout Quantum meter
Item 3415FSE LightScout Dual Solar/Electric Quantum meter
Item 3415FXSE LightScout Dual Solar/Electric Quantum meter - External Sensor
Item 3415FQF LightScout Quantum and Foot-Can
Item 7500 Soft-sided carrying case


LightScout Foot-Candles meter

  • An affordable light measurment solution
  • Display immediate light level in terms of foot-candles
  • Precision photodiode with cosine correction
Item 3413F LightScout Foot-Candle Meter
Item 7500 Soft-Sided Carrying Case