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Soil Moisture Sensors

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The Watermark Soil Moisture Sensors is an established method of tracking soil moisture trends in crops, vineyards, or other areas where moisture level is a concern

Place sensors in the upper and lower thresholds of the root zone, in turf, or in other growing media. Reads moisture from 0 (saturated) to 200 (dry) centibars.

For use with WatchDog Stations

  • Item 6450WD - Watchdog Watermark Soil Sensor - 11ft (3.3m) Cable
  • Item 6450WD20 - Watchdog Watermark Soil Sensor - 25ft (7.6m) Cable

For use with FieldScout Soil Sensor Reader (Item 6466)

Requires 6450FSADPT for connection to Reader
  • Item 6450 - Watermark Soil Moisture Sensor  - 5ft (1.5m) Cable

  • 0 to 200 kPa