• Electromagnetic frequency meter (RF)

Electromagnetic frequency meter (RF)

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Evaluate the RF emissions of mobile phone, radio and TV transmission towers, wireless camera, Wi-Fi and LAN detection and installation, microwave oven leakage and other environmental safety concerns.

Radio Frequency (RF) is the range of electromagnetic frequencies above the audio range and below infrared light. Features maximum and minimum hold, an audible alarm, and a zero adjustment to eliminate background EMF. The display also indicates overload and low battery. Comes with a soft carrying case and standard 9V battery, which provides approximately 100 hours of use. Dimensions: 5¼” x 2¼” x 1¼" (130 x 56 x 38mm). Weight: 6oz (170g).


Display3¾ digits, maximum reading 3999
RF Power Density0.003~2.700 mW/cm²
RF Frequency50MHz ~ 3.5GHz
Microwave Frequency2450MHz
Accuracy±2dB @ 2.45GHz ±50MHz
Alarm@ readings >1mW/cm²
Operating Temp41°F ~ 104°F (5°C ~ 40°C)
Operating RH<80% RH

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Cat. No.Description
840046RF Microwave Meter
840090Water Resistant Instrument Pouch
840092Bech-Top Tripod
840093Field Tripod