Temperature and Pressure Data Loggers

Temperature and Depth Data Loggers

  • Star Oddi - DST micro-TD - milli-TD - centi-TD
  • Temperature
  • Depth
  • Size available: 8.3x25.4 mm, 13x39.4 mm, 15x46 mm

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Star-Oddi's temp depth (pressure) loggers come in 3 sizes, centi, milli and micro

DST micro-TD

Small Temperature and Depth Fish Archival Tag

The world‘s smallest temperature and depth logging archival fish tag

Ideal for very small fish or marine animals for long term behavior and migration studies. Developed in co-operation with fish biologists.

Key features

  • Small and reliable archival fish tag
  • Long life and flexible interval setup
  • Depth sensors for different ranges
  • Fish implantation or external attachment
  • User defined text on the housing

DST milli-TD

Small Depth Temperature Logger
Economical and autonomous time depth recorder with temperature and pressure sensors for studies in aquatic environments. Large memory for fast sampling
Easy to mount on submersible gear and moorings for both short and long term studies in underwater environments.

Key features

    • Small and handy depth water level logger
    • Flexible mounting with protective housing
    • Pressure sensors from low to higher ranges
    • Available with large memory size
    • High temperature logger version available

    DST centi-TD

    Miniature Temperature and Depth Data Logger

    Miniature Temperature and Depth Data Logger with Long Life and High Pressure Survival

    Easy to mount on subsea gear, nets and mooring lines for long-term studies in underwater environments

    Key features

    • Miniature depth logger with temperature and pressure sensors
    • Flexible mounting with protective housing
    • Depth sensors for shallow to deep water
    • Long battery life
    • Start/stop recording at pre-defined depth
    ModelDST micro-TDDST milli-TDDST centi-TD
    SensorsTemperature and pressure (depth)
    Size (Diameter x Length)8.3mm x 25.4mm13mm x 39.4mm15mm x 46mm
    Housing MaterialBiocompatible alumina (ceramic)
    Weight (in Air/in Water)3.3g/1.9g9.2g/5g19g/12g
    Data Resolution12 bits
    Temperature Range-1 to +40°C (30.2°F to 104°F)*-2°C to +40°C (28°F to 104°F)
    Extended Calibration Option-0 to +85°C (32°F to 185°F)-
    Temperature Resolution0.032°C (0.058°F)
    Temperature Accuracy+/- 0.2°C (+/- 0.36°F)Standard range: +/-0.1°C (0.18°F),High temp range: +/-0.2°C (0.36°F)+/-0.1°C (0.18°F)
    Temperature Response TimeTime constant (63%) reached in 8 sec.Time constant (63%) reached in 12 sec.Time constant (63%) reached in 20 sec.
    Standard Depth Ranges1m-150m, 1m-300m, 5m-1000m0.1m-50m, 0.1m-100m, 1m-250m, 5m-500m, 5m-800m0.1m-50m, 0.1m-100m, 1m-270m, 5m-800m, 5m-1500m, 10m-3000m
    Depth Resolution0.08% of selected range0.03% of selected range
    Depth Accuracy+/- 0.6% of selected range
    Depth Response TimeImmediate
    Memory TypeNon-volatile EEPROM
    Memory Capacity87,906 measurements** 87,168 measurements**174,000 measurements in total**
    Memory Increase Option-1,398,100 measurements in total (2MB FLASH, DST milli-F)**524,068 measurements in total*
    Sampling IntervalUser specified in second(s),minute(s),or hour(s)
    Minimum Measuring Interval1 second
    Burst Measuring Option--10 Hz
    Multiple Intervals OptionUp to 7 different intervals
    Primary/Secondary OptionTemperature as primary, pressure/depth as primary
    Data Retention25 years
    ClockReal time clock. Accuracy +/-1 min/month.
    CommunicationsCommunication Box, wirelss transmission when DST sits in the box. Connection to PC: USB cable.
    Attachment Hole0.5 mm (diameter)0.9 mm (diameter)
    Battery Life28 months***3 years***9 years***
    Replaceable BatteryNo

    *Other ranges available upon request.
    **Divided between the two parameters.
    ***For sampling interval of 10 minutes, temperature and pressure recorded simultaneously.
    Warranty: 12 months.