Measurement system for indoor environments

Measurement system for indoor environments

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The base is the heart of testo Saveris, it can record 40,000 measurements per channel independently of the PC. The display of the Saveris base to view system data and alarms.


Router, converter and accessories

Through the use of a router, it is possible to improve or extend the radio link based on characteristics of the buildings. It is possible to use multiple routers within a Saveris system, however not in cascade. Through the connection of a converter to the Ethernet, the radio probe signal can be converted into an Ethernet signal. This combines the flexibility of the implementation of the radio probe with the use of existing Ethernet even over long transmission distances.

Wireless Sensors

Probe versions with internal and external temperature sensors and humidity sensors allow the adaptation to all uses. The radio probes are available with or without display. The display is used to display the measurement data in progress, the battery status and the quality of the radio link.

Ethernet probes

The LAN infrastructure can be used through the Ethernet probe. This allows the sensor data to the base, even over long distances. Ethernet probes have a display.

Filters for probes Ethernet Saveris H1 E and H2 E

External temperature probes


You can of course assemble all the components yourself. However, you also have the option of ordering a Saveris set. You can add to it the individual components as needed.