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The new digital manifold testo 550 helps you in your daily work on refrigeration systems and heat pumps...


For you, testo 550 means: just switch on, measure, and read off
Large figures allow the values to be read off the display quickly and easily. Two temperature-compensated pressure sensors measure high and low pressure quickly and precisely, and automatically calculate the temperatures. Additionally, the temperature difference between high and low pressure is displayed at the press of a button. A glance at the instrument display is enough, and you see the measurement result.
Two temperature inputs guarantee you the simultaneous calculation and display of superheating and subcooling. At the press of a button, the differential temperatures are also displayed. By simply pressing a button, you can switch between the measurement tasks at your will.
When commissioning a system with the testo 550, you benefit twice:
1. The vacuum display supports you in evacuating the system.
2. Is the system really tight?
You can find out by measuring the system pressure and the surrounding temperature over a period defined by you. The new manifold testo 550 provides information about pressure and temperature changes during a tightness test. This allows you to adjust your system reliably.
testo 550 with built-in impact protection
The new testo 550 has a robust 2-way valve block with 3 connections. The solid housing protects from knocks. During measurement, the suspension hook provides secure attachment of the manifold. Just made for tough applications!
testo 550 is more than just user comfort– unconditionally
The intuitive operation guarantees you immediate familiarity with the digital manifold. The backlit display ensures you always have a good clear view of the measurement values – even when it is dark in the room. Two practical direct buttons offer you a further advantage – one for the display of MIN/MAX/MEAN, and the other for instant access to 33 selectable refrigerants. Refrigerant flow can be monitored in the integrated sight glass. The three hose holders are use for the easy attachment of the refrigerant hoses to the valve block. testo 550, a good decision – from the very beginning!


  • testo 550 measures high and low pressure quickly and precisely, and automatically calculates the temperatures.
  • Thanks to two externally connectable temperature probes, the testo 550 simultaneously calculates superheating and subcooling.
  • testo 550 informs you of the vacuum reached when evacuating a system. In addition to this, tightness tests on systems can be carried out with this new manifold.

Order Information

Set testo 550-1
Digital manifold testo 550
Clamp probe for temperature measurements on pipes
Calibration protocol and batteries
Order no. 0563 5505

Set 550-2
Set testo 550-2
Digital manifold testo 550
2 Clamp probe for temperature measurements on pipes
Transport case for testo 550
Calibration protocol and batteries
Order no. 0563 5506


Low/high pressure
Measuring range

Measuring range
Probe connections
Gen. technical data
Pressure media
Operating temperature
Storage temperature
Battery life
Display response time
Meas. cycle
Refrigerants in instrument
-1 to 40 bar; -100 to 4000 kPa;
-0.1 to 4 Mpa; 0 to 580 psi
0.01 bar; 1 kPa; 0.001 MPa; 0.1 psi
±0.75% fs (+ 1 digit)
3 x 7/16“-UNF

-50 to 150 °C
0.1 °C
±0.5 °C (+ 1 digit)
2 x plug-in (NTC)

CFC, HFC, N, H2O, CO2 (sub-critical)
-10 to 50 °C
-20 to 60 °C
7-segment display
> 40 h (without illumination, at 22 °C)
4 x AA
0.5 s
0.75 s