4-Electrode Conductivity Cells for eliminate fringe field interference errors

4-Electrode Conductivity Cells

  • Compensates for electrode fouling
  • Material: Rugged epoxy body
  • Connector type: 8-pin Mini-DIN

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Virtually eliminate fringe field interference errors with the advanced Thermo Scientific Orion DuraProbe 4-Electrode Conductivity Cells

Durable and extremely accurate under a wide range of conditions.

DuraProbe 4-electrode cells provide the highest accuracy for demanding laboratory or field applications. The 4-electrode design compensates for electrode fouling, cable and connector resistance, polarization errors, and fringe field interference errors. 

The epoxy/graphite cell material is extremely durable and chemically resistant. 

DuraProbe conductivity cells are ideal for high and standard conductivity samples and difficult samples such as wastewater, runoff water, and mud.


  • Rugged epoxy body
  • Graphite 4-cell design
  • Built-in temperature sensor for temperature compensated conductivity measurements

DuraProbe Conductivity Cells 013005MD, 013010MD, 013020MD, 013025MD have a nominal cell constant of 0.475cm-1; measurement range is 1μS/cm to 200mS/cm.

DuraProbe Conductivity cells 013605MD and 013610MD have a nominal cell constant of 0.55cm-1; measurement range is 10μS/cm to 200mS/cm

Compatible with

  • 011008 100μS/cm conductivity/TDS standard, 5 × 60mL bottles
  • 01100910 147μS/cm conductivity standard, 10 pouches
  • 011007 1413μS/cm conductivity/TDS standard, 5 × 60mL bottles
  • 01100710 1413μS/cm conductivity/TDS standard, 10 pouches
  • 011006 12.9mS/cm conductivity/TDS standard, 5 × 60mL bottles
  • 01100610 12.9mS/cm conductivity/TDS standard, 10 pouches
  • 011005 111mS/cm conductivity standard, 5 × 60mL bottles
  • 01100510 111mS/cm conductivity standard, 10 pouches
  • 990106 0.1 M KCl conductivity standard, 475mL bottle
  • 1010001 Conductivity calibration resistor kit for Orion Star Series conductivity meters, 8-pin Mini-DIN connection
  • 081045 Plastic protective cell guard (For 013005MD, 013010MD, 013020MD, 013005MD, 013005A, 013010A)

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Connector Types8-pin Mini-DIN
DescriptionConductivity/temperature probe, 4-cell, K=0.475cm-1, measures 1μS to 200mS, 1.5 meter cable
Body Diameter 0.59 in., 15mm
For Use WithStar A112, Star A122, Star A212, Star A215, Star A222, Star A322, Star A325, Star A329, Versa Star and Versa Star Pro Conductivity Meters
Cable Length5 ft., 1.5m
MaterialRugged epoxy body
Min. Immersion35mm
Sensor Types4 electrode graphite cell
Storage MethodStore in distilled or deionized water between measurements; for overnight or long-term storage, thoroughly rinse and store dry
ProbeConductivity probe with built-in ATC temperature sensor
Type4-Electrode Conductivity Cell, Mini-Din Connector