Fluoride Electrode

Fluoride Electrode

ASTM D 1179

  • Connector Types: Waterproof BNC
  • Material: Epoxy

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Measure free fluoride ions in aqueous solutions quickly, simply, accurately and economically with the Thermo Scientific Orion Fluoride Electrode.

The Thermo Scientific Sure-Flow junction allows easy cleaning and is easy to use in tough samples.The half cell electrode requires a separate reference electrode. We recommend the reference electrode 900100 to be used with the half cell electrodes 9409BN and 9409SC.


12 months from date of purchase by Buyer or 18 months from date of shipment from Seller, whichever is earlier.

All Thermo Orion electrodes are available on request.

DescriptionIonplus Sure-Flow Solid State Combination
TypeCombination Ion Selective Electrode
Connector TypesWaterproof BNC
Body Diameter0.51 in.
Filling Solution Type900061 (9609BNWP and 960900); 900001 with 900100 single junction reference electrode (9409BN, 9409SC, and 940900)
JunctionFree-flowing Sure-Flow junction assures stable, drift-free potentials
Length4.33 in.
Cable Length39 in.
Operating TemperatureContinous: 32° to 176°F; Intermittent: 32° to 212°F
Continuous: 0° to 80°C; Intermittent: 0 to100°C
Certifications/ComplianceApproved by ASTM method and approval number is ASTM D 1179
For Use With (Equipment)ISE Meters