• Sodium Electrode

Sodium Electrode

  • ROSS sodium combination electrode
  • Connector: Waterproof BNC

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Measure sodium in aqueous solutions quickly, accurately and economically with Thermo Scientific Orion Sodium Electrodes.

A unique redox internal system with a Thermo Scientific Orion ROSS electrode provides faster response, greater stability and accuracy than conventional sodium electrodes.


  • Sodium BNC electrodes have 1m cables
  • ROSS sodium electrode filling solution: 50mL
  • Sodium ionic strength adjustor (ISA): 475mL
  • Sodium known addition standard: 475mL
  • 1000ppm sodium standard with ISA: 475mL
  • 1000ppm sodium standard: 475mL
  • Sodium reconditioning solution: 475mL
  • Sodium electrode storage solution: 475mL
Connector TypesWaterproof BNC
DescriptionROSS sodium combination electrode
Filling Solution Type900010 or900012 for low level Na+; ROSS sodium electrode filling solution: 50 mL
Cable Length1M
Operating Range1 x 10-6 M to saturated 0.02 ppm to saturated
Operating Temperature0° to 100°C
For Use WithISE Meters
TypeSodium Combination Ion Selective Electrode