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Tipping counters made from V2A steel are extremely strong and inert to water. 

The stability of this material means that significantly larger models are possible than with plastic tipping counters. In order to cater for all flow rates, these tipping counters are available with a large selection of tipping tray sizes ranging from 0.1 l to 20 l. Up to a tipping tray volume of 3 l the tipping counters can also be equipped with a connection to the sampling device.

We supply the following models of V2A tipping counters

Tipping tray volume Version with sampling possible
0.1 lclosedYes
0.5 lclosedYes
1.0 lclosedYes
2.0 lclosedYes
3.0 lclosedYes
5.0 lopenNo
10.0 lopenNo
20.0 lopenNo