Relative Humidity and Temperature Probes

Relative Humidity and Temperature Probes

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• Vaisala HUMICAP180R sensor - superior long-term stability
• Optional warmed humidity probe
• Plug-and-play
• Chemical purge
• USB connection for service use
• Installation kits for DTR13 and DTR503 radiation shields and also for a Stevenson screen
• Weather-proof housing IP66
• New, fast temperature probe
• Different output possibilities: voltage, RS-485, resistive Pt100
• Applications: meteorological applications, aviation and road weather, instrumentation


New probe for reliabilityLong-term stability
The new Vaisala HUMICAP® Humidity and Temperature Probe HMP155 provides reliable humidity and temperature measurement.The HMP155 has a new generation Vaisala HUMICAP®180R sensor that has excellent stability and withstands well harsh environments. The probe structure is solid and the sensor is protected with a sintered teflon filter, which gives maximum protection against liquid water, dust, and dirt.
Warmed probe and high humidity environmentFast temperature measurement
Measuring humidity reliably is challenging in environments where humidity is near saturation. Measurements may be corrupted by fog, mist, rain, and heavy dew. A wet probe may not give an accurate measurement in the ambient air.

This is an environment to which Vaisala has designed a patented, warmed probe for reliable measuring. As the sensor head is warmed continuously, the humidity level inside it stays below the ambient level. Thus, it also reduces the risk of condensation forming on
the probe.
What’s more, with its fast response time, the additional temperature probe for the HMP155 is ideal for measurement in environments with changing temperatures.
Long lifetime
Protecting the sensor from scattered and direct solar radiation, and precipitation will increase its lifetime. Thus, Vaisala recommends installing the HMP155 in one of the following radiation shields: DTR503, DTR13, or a Stevenson screen
ApplicationsEasy maintenance
The HMP155 is especially designed for use in meteorological applications, such as synoptic and hydrological weather stations, aviation, and road weather. It is also suitable in a wide range of instrumentation, for example, recorders, data loggers, and laboratory equipment and monitoring.
The probe can be calibrated using a pc with a USB cable, with the push buttons, or with the MI70 indicator.
HMP155 in a Stevenson screen. 


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