• Remote Road Surface State Sensor

Remote Road Surface State Sensor

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The unique DSC111 sensor eliminates the service disruption, which was previously associated with the installation of a road weather station.

Remote installation means that there is no requirement to slot-cut the surface or close the road. The sensor may be installed in a remote location on a pole adjacent to the road, or as an addition to the Vaisala ROSA Road Weather Station.

The spectroscopic measuring principle enables accurate measurement of the amounts of water, ice, and snow. Water and ice are measured independently of each other, enabling DSC111 to accurately report the surface state.

DSC111 provides an accurate measure of the presence of ice crystals well before they cause the road to become slippery. The Winter Service engineer is therefore able to carefully monitor all of the weather elements which create a hazardous driving surface in order to take the appropriate remedial action. As an additional feature of DSC111, the visibility measurement offers a useful, compact, and extremely costeffective way to measure the Meteorological Optical Range (MOR). It extends the capabilities of DSC111 to detect low visibility conditions - without any external hardware.

Additional sensors can be directly connected to DSC111 to form a versatile stand-alone weather station.

Measurements include:

  • surface and air temperature
  • surface depth temperature
  • relative humidity
  • present weather
  • visibility
  • wind speed and direction
  • atmospheric pressure

DSC111 has proven its capabilities during two years of intensive field testing in collaboration with Vaisala customers. DSC111 is now operational
at hundreds of sites throughout the world.

Features and Benefits

  • Remote surface state sensing
  • Spectroscopic measuring principle, individually identifying the presence of:

• Water
• Ice
• Slush
• Snow or Frost

  • Unique measurement of grip
  • Cost effective visibility measurement
  • Accurate measurement even with intense traffic
  • Eye-safe laser technology
  • Easy installation and service
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Weather-proof, durable design
  • Easy integration with Vaisala ROSA Road Weather Station,or can operate as a stand-alone solution with solar/gsm options