Road surface sensor mobile Detector

Road surface sensor mobile Detector

  • Compact, multi-parameter mobile sensor
  • Designed for snow plow trucks, suitable for any vehicle
  • Proven DSC technology optimized for mobile measurements

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Vaisala Mobile Detector MD30 is a mobile road condition sensor for winter maintenance operations

The compact MD30 measures all key road weather parameters and is suitable for snow plow trucks and other vehicles. MD30 data is targeted to enable more accurate maintenance decision-making and salt usage.


  • Compact, multi-parameter mobile sensor
  • Designed for snow plow trucks, suitable for any vehicle
  • Proven DSC technology optimized for mobile measurements
  • Simultaneous water, ice, and snow layer reporting
  • Molded design to withstand heavy vibration and water ingress
  • Patent pending double-hood for window protection
  • Hand-removable hood for easy window cleaning

Reliable in Any Weather

To provide quick response time and high sensitivity in road condition reporting, MD30 utilizes an improved, fastmeasuring version of the proven DSC laser technology. In cases where external heat sources could disturb the temperature measurements, the road and air temperature sensors can be separated from the MD30 body and placed in desired locations.

Robust for Any Vehicle

The rugged design allows MD30 to operate in snow plow trucks and other vehicles. The core is molded to withstand continuous vibration and to prevent water ingress. Further, the hood has a special vented double structure that directs air flow to protect the window from dirt and splashes.

Easy to Use and Maintain

MD30 provides simplicity for both use and maintenance. It starts to measure automatically when the vehicle starts, and constantly monitors the sensor status. The window is heated to avoid dew and frost formation. When cleaning is needed, the window can be accessed by simply removing the hood by hand, without any tools.

Included accessories

  • Bluetooth module 
  • Mobile Data Collection Accessories Without Phone
  • Samsung Galaxy A50 Phone
  • Set up and activation of app licenses

  • DSGT-MOBILEOBS-VIS Data Management + API+Visualization on Map

Measurement Specifications

Grip and Surface State

Reported level of grip
0.09 ... 0.82
Reported surface states
 Dry, Moist, Wet, Ice, Snow, Slush
Measurement interval
40 times/s
Surface Layer Thickness

 0 ... 5 mm (0 ... 0.20 in)
 0 ... 2 mm (0 ... 0.08 in)
Snow (water equivalent)
(water equivalent) 0 ... 1 mm (0 ...0.039 in)
Surface Temperature

Measurement range
−40 ... +60 °C (−40 ...+140 °F)
Air Temperature and Relative Humidity

Humidity range
0 ... 100 %RH
Temperature range 
−40 ... +60 °C (−40 ... +140 °F)
Dew point range 
−40 ... +60 °C (−40 ... +140 °F)

Operating Environment

Operating temperature
−40 ... +60 °C (−40 ... +140 °F)
Storage temperature
−40 ... +60 °C (−40 ... +140 °F)
Operating humidity
0 à 100 % HR

Inputs and Outputs

12 à 24 V CC
Power consumption, maximum 
15 W
Data output Binary

Mechanical Specifications

Dimensions (H × W × L)

251 x 151 x 96 mm 

(9.88 × 5.95 × 3.78 in)

 1.7 kg (3.7 lb)
Installation height
20 ... 110 cm (7.87 ... 43.31 in)
Stainless steel


EMC (industrial environment)
EN 61326-1
IEC 60068-2-64
Shock IEC
IEC 60068-2-27
Corrosion and salt testing
VDA 621‑41

Data visualization on a phone app

Data visualization on a web app