• Wind Speed Sensor

Wind Speed Sensor

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WMO and ICAO compliant, robust and reliable ultrasonic anemometer

Robust and reliable ultrasonic anemometer for wind measurement for meteorology, aviation, maritime and wind energy applications. The WMT700 uses ultrasound to determine horizontal wind speed and direction. The measurement is based on transit time, the time it takes for the ultrasound to travel from one transducer to another, depending on the wind speed. 

Key Benefits


The WMT700 has a durable full stainless steel structure with welded arms, clear north indication, and one point, quick bayonet-style mounting. It has no moving parts, and it is resistant to natural contamination and corrosion(such as salt, dust, or sand).

Accurate measurement of wind speed

Patented Vaisala WINDCAP wind measurement technology that ensures accurate results in all wind directions. Self-diagnostics and validation of measurement are standard features. With latest WMT704, it provides wind measurement up to 90 m/s.

Heated models designed for cold climates

Available with four different heating options that shield the transducers, and/or the sensor arm, and/or the sensor body from ice and snow build-up in cold climates.

Wind Speed

Measurement range 
0...40 m/s (89 mph)
0...65 m/s (145 mph)
0...75 m/s (168 mph)
0...90 m/s  (201 mph)
Accuracy0 … 75 m/s (168 mph): ±0.1 m/s (0.2 mph) or 2 % of reading, whichever is greater 75 … 90 m/s (201 mph): ±5 % of reading
Starting threshold 
0.01 m/s (0.0223 mph)
Resolution0.01 m/s (0.0223 mph)

Wind Direction

Observation range0...360°
Starting threshold 0.1 m/s (0.2 mph)


Communication interfaces 
COM1: RS‑485 COM2: RS‑485, RS‑422, RS‑232, SDI‑12
Wind speed
Voltage, current, frequency
Wind direction
Voltage, current, potentiometer
Communication profilesWMT700, WS425 ASCII, NMEA Standard and Extended (version 0183),SDI-12 (version 1.3),WS425 ASOS, ROSA MES12, customized
Bit rate300, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, or 115200
Available averages max. 3 600 s
Readout update interval 4 Hz and 8 Hz


Units available
m/s, knots, mph, km/h, V, mA, Hz
Operating modeAutomatic message or poll mode
Virtual temperature Celsius degrees


Heating0 W, 30 W, 150 W, or 250 W
Operating temperature
-10 … +60 °C (+14 … +140 °F) -40 °C … +60 °C (-40 … +140 °F) -55 …+70 °C (-67 …+158 °F)
Storage temperature
-60 …+80 °C (-76 … +176 °F)
Operating voltage 9 … 36 VDC (absolute max. 40 VDC)
Heating voltage24 … 36 VDC (absolute max. 40 VDC
IP rating IP66 and IP67
Materials - Body and arms, mounting kit 
Stainless steel AISI 316