• Microfiltration Funnel 47 mm

Microfiltration Funnel 47 mm

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Filter Holders Glass Microanalysis, 47mm 

6168-Series Filter Holders are offered with a wide variety of components for different applications. Available with fritted glass support base for general and biological applications, or with removable stainless steel screen support base and PTFE gasket for ultraclean filtrate or proteinaceous solutions. The 300 ml borosilicate glass funnel is graduated from 75 to 300 ml in 25 ml subdivisions. 



  • Filter Diameter: 47 mm
  • Prefilter Diameter: 35 mm
  • Effective Filtration Area: 9.6 cm2
  • Maximum Capacity: 350 ml
  • Graduated Volume: 300 ml
  • Connection: Silicone Stopper (No. 8)
  • Sterilization: Autoclavable (at 121°C / 250°F for 20 minutes) 

Package One 

  • VE61680001
  • Filtration apparatus 47 mm, 300 ml, General & Biological Applications
  • Includes : Funnel, Glass Support Base (Fritted),Silicone Stopper, Anodized Aluminum Clamp

Package Two 

  • VE61680002
  • Filtration apparatus 47 mm, 300 ml, Ultraclean Filtrate or Proteinaceous Solutions
  • Includes : Funnel, Glass Support Base (SS Screen),Stainless Steel Screen, PTFE Gasket (pk/10),Silicone Stopper, Anodized Aluminum Clamp
Cat. No.Description
VE61684711Funnel, 47 mm, 300 ml
VE61684721Glass Support Base, for Stainless Steel Screen, 47 mm
VE61684722Glass Support Base, Fritted, 160-250 μm Pore Size, 47 mm
VE61684731Stainless Steel Screen
VE61684741PTFE Gasket (pack of 10)
VE61684751No. 8 Silicone Stopper (fits 1000 ml Flask)
VE61684762Anodized Aluminum Clamp