SMS ScrubberSMS Scrubber

SMS Scrubber

  • Neutralize corrosive and toxic fumes
  • Wide range of applications
  • Maximum efficiency

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Designed to neutralize corrosive and toxic fumes produced during oxidative mineralizations or similar processes.

The SMS Scrubber is designed to neutralize corrosive and toxic fumes developed during oxidative mineralization or other processes, such as digestion.

Its working process is generally composed of 3 stages:

- condensation

- neutralization with acids and bases

- absorption with activated carbon (optional - ideal for high fume levels such as with soybean analysis)

Thanks to the elevated surface of contact between gas and liquid, SMS scrubber has a wide range of applications and provides its maximum efficiency when combined with the JP Water Recirculation Pump for smoke suction.


CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL:Stainless steel structure
WEIGHT:3,5 Kg (7.7 lb)
DIMENSIONS (WXHXD):190x500x300 mm (7.5x19.7x11.8 in)