• Clear-View Disposable Bailers

Clear-View Disposable Bailers

  • Clear 1 Liter PVC Body
  • EZ Pour Spout
  • Fast Sink Rate

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EZ Pouring Spout

The Clear View Bailer's pour spout has been designed to provide very precise sample transfer with minimal sample aeration and agitation, but also allows for rapid emptying during fast purging if you desire.

Clear 1 Liter PVC Body

A very strong, absolutely clear 1 litre PVC body has been utilized to provide an unobstructed view of floating product layers and turbidity of Clear View far exceeds others disposable bailers and rivals rigid PVC bailers (non disposable) at a fraction of the cost.

Fast Sink Rate

The Clear View Bailer is as heavy (or heavier) then conventional weighted bailers without the addition of bulky and costly weights. A better weight distribution (sinks straighter) and efficient valve design make the Clear View Bailer the fastest sinking bailer on the market.

Virtuallity Leak Free

Clear View Bailers are designed with a special valve and valve seat to provide more positive sealing andless clogging when removing the bailer from the well. This is one disposable bailer that will not leak like a sieve when removed from the well.


Volume1 litre
Weight200 grams
Length37 inches
Diameter1.5 inches
MaterialRigid PVC


Cat. No.Description
WABAIL-0.5Bailer, PVC, 80 ml, 0.5 x 37 in. long
WABAIL-1.5Bailer, PVC, 1L, 1.5 x 37 in. long
WABAIL-000Bailer, PVC, 200 ml, 0.7 x 37 in. long