• Waterra inertial Pumps

Waterra inertial Pumps

  • Excellent integrity of samples taken
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Establishment and decline very fast hardware

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Designed for simplicity

The pump inertia Waterra was designed from the outset to meet four goals: simplicity, performance and quality's sampling in an affordable device for all, regardless of income. By eliminating too complex and technical parts such as tanks, pistons and submersible motor, one can produce an inexpensive pump and easy to use. The final product consists of a foot valve and a plastic hose which oscillates up and down in a well producing a stream of water.


  • Waterra the pump consists of a valve in plastic or stainless steel, screwed onto a rigid HDPE pipe, which is immersed in water the piezometer.
  • Applying a vertical translational movement (up / down) to the pipe, causes the opening and closing of the valve lift and, by inertia, of the water to the surface. Over the beating frequency, the higher the bit important.
  • Waterra the pump can be manually operated (20-25 meters), or electrically with the motor Hydrolift II (50 to 60 meters)
  • Ease of use : The simplicity of the pump design makes them easy to use without the need for an instruction manual or special training to use the machine to its full capacity. This simplicity reduces the risk of breakage, wear and reduces frustration for the user. Simplicity field makes effective unit.
  • Versatility : The Waterra system reduces the time and expense using the same pump for developments well and for sampling.
  • The development wells : The development of wells is one of the most critical tasks of groundwater analysis practices. These typical goals are: the removal of sediment filter and the reduction of the turbidity of the sample.


  • Reduced cost for monitoring a network of piezometers.
  • No risk of cross contamination since each piezometer rest. provided with its valve and the pipe length.
  • Materials in contact with water are chemically inert (HDPE).
  • Excellent integrity of samples taken.
  • Reduced maintenance.
  • Establishment and decline very fast hardware.

Scope of performance

Waterra four stretches of pumping to ensure that all small or large diameter wells and deep wells can be sampled effectively. The four areas are the following: micro current, low current, standard current and high current The four systems fonctinnent with the principle of inertia and differ only in size.

Type valve Diameter Ext. Corresponding pipe Pehd
Delrin D-32 32 mm High capacity 20 x 25 mm
INOX SS-32 32 mm High capacity 20 x 25 mm
DELRIN D-25 25 mm Standard 13 x 16 mm
INOX SS-19 19 mm Standard 13 x 16 mm
Delrin D-16 16 mm Standard 13 x 16 mm
SS-16, SS 16 mm Standard 13 x 16 mm
DELRIN D-13 13 mm Mini II 9 x 13 mm
SS-13 INOX 13 mm Mini II 9 x 13 mm
INOX SS-10 10 mm Mini II 9 x 13 mm

Pump Option : Pumping Manual

The Waterra pump allows levies shallow (20-25 meters). All valve diameters may be used.
Flow: from 0 to 2 l / min.

Dimensions 24 "Length 17" Height
Weight 8 lbs (3.6 kg)
Supply Manual operation
Additional Features Good for small wells
For use with Inertia pump system - Standard flow, high or low.


With pumping engine Hydrolift II

Pumping with electric motor Hydrolift II.
Using the Hydrolift II engine allows the system to offer Waterra very good pumping performance.
The Hydrolift II motor fits all types and diameters piezometer, it moves very easily requiring no special installation.


  • Pumping depth:
    - 50 to 60 meters in boreholes 2 ''
    - 50 meters in boreholes 4 ''
  • Flow:
    - 1 to 1.5 m 3 / h with a high-capacity valve D32.
    - From 0.5 to 0.6 m 3 / h with a standard D25 and SS19 valve.


Dimensions 15 "length, 20" Height, 7 "Width (38cm x 51cm x 18cm)
Weight 38 lbs (17.25 kg)
Supply 3/4 hp (6 amps) volt DC electric motor
Performance Characteristics Generates a displacement of 4 ", adjustable from 0 to 180 cycles / min
Additional Features 110 VAC or 220 VAC electrical power
For use with Inertia pump system - standard rate, up or down


Features and Specifications

The throughput level : The level of flow differs from one well to the other depending on the depth, diameter, of the recovery process and the pumping system chosen. The flow rates of 0.3 gpm can be supported with the micro flow system and up to 4.0 gpm with the high throughput system.

The lifting capacity : Waterra has an operational flow system to depths of over 100 feet and to depths up to 230 feet under certain conditions. The automated pumping system Waterra simplifies the deep narrow well sampling allowing the sampler to perform other tasks while the pumps are running.

The extent and the diameter of wells : Small size wells 0.5 'ID to large-sized 6''ID are easily accessible with Waterra pumping line. It increases the pumping system inertia and achieve the greatest possible extent, more than any other pump on the market.

Pumping with Motor Thermal Power Pack PP-1

Operating characteristics are the same as for the electric motor.

Advantages: portable stand; ideal for areas where electricity is not available.


Dimensions 15.5 "Length 22.5" Height 14.5 "Width (39cm x 57cm x 37cm)
Weight 28.6 lbs (13kg)
Supply Honda GX25 (mini 25cc gasoline engine 4-Stroke OHC)
Performance Characteristics 4 generates a displacement ", adjustable from 0 to 140 cycles / min
Additional caractérisitiques Regular gasoline. SAE 10W-30 engine oil
For use with Inertia pump system - standard rate, up or down


  • High turbidity filter to improve the quality of the sample:
    - FHT-45: High Turbidity (0.45 microns), 600 cm 2
    - FMT-45: Medium Turbidity (0.45 microns), 300 cm 2
    - CAP300X2: 0.2 micron filters
  • Cutting pipe.
  • Mounting key for valve.