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Weather Display Console

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Intelligent Weather Monitoring

Columbia Weather System’s proprietary Weather Display uses an “intelligent” touch-screen console. With its programmable microprocessor and abundant memory, the console can display weather information, perform complex computations, and store relatively large amounts of weather data.

The Weather Display features a graphic LCD (320 x 240 pixels) having a white background with blue images for strong legibility. The screens are designed to be viewed clearly from a distance.

Weather Display models are available for the Capricorn 2000, Pegasus and Orion series of weather stations.

The Weather Display is flexible and can be factory-modified to meet specific market and industry needs.

Features Displayed

  • Date and time
  • Values of all the weather station sensors
  • Wind chill, dew point, heat index and rain rate
  • Barometric pressure trend
  • Rain for today, the week, the month and the year
  • One minute wind speed average and wind speed gust
  • Min/max values and time for all parameters for the current day and previous six days
  • 24-hour trend graphs for all parameters
  • Metric or English units


The Weather Display is offered in three formats:

  • Desktop/wall-mount chassis (8.9 W x 6.3 H x 1.87 D)
  • 19“ rack mount (19 x 6.7 )
  • Panel mount (8 W x 5.4 H x 1.55 D)