Surber Stream Bottom Samplers

Surber Stream Bottom Samplers

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The Surber Sampler is the classic quantitative sampler for benthic invertebrates.

Designed for shallow streams less than 18" deep, one advantage is its great portability. The end of the filtering area is large enough to insert your entire hand to remove specimens (9" diameter where the collar meets the filter area). The entire length (from collar to filter) is 24" long. The Surber Sampler consists of two pivoting solid stainless steel frames and lockable brace latches to hold the frames at right angles to each other. The frames support the Nitex net and hold it in place with stainless steel strips. The open base rests on the stream bottom and encloses an area 12 x 12". The Sampler folds flat for storage or transportation.


  1. Open the frame and latch the movable braces.
  2. Set the lower frame in the stream so that the net extends down stream with the current. Then seat the lower frame firmly on the stream bottom.
  3. Stir up the stream bottom so that any animal life will float up and drift into the net.
  4. Remove the sampler from the stream and wash your sample into containers to be taken back to the lab.

Replacement Parts and Accessories

We strongly recommend buying replacement parts before going into the field.

  • 14-A20 Surber base extension, 6" each
  • 910-G22 Molded Plastic Case, Large (Fits all surbers and extensions)

    12-C80SurberStandard1000 µm Nitex NetWith Case
    12-C82SurberStandard1000 µm Nitex NetNo Case
    12-C85SurberStandard1000 µmNet Only
    12-C60SurberStandard600 µm Nitex NetWith Case
    12-C62SurberStandard600 µm Nitex NetNo Case
    12-C65SurberStandard600 µmNet Only
    12-C50SurberStandard500 µm Nitex NetWith Case
    12-C52SurberStandard500 µm Nitex NetNo Case
    12-C55SurberStandard500 µmNet Only
    12-C30SurberStandard363 µm Nitex NetWith Case
    12-C32SurberStandard363 µm Nitex NetNo Case
    12-C35SurberStandard363 µmNet Only
    12-C20SurberStandard243 µm Nitex NetWith Case
    12-C22SurberStandard243 µm Nitex NetNo Case
    12-C25SurberStandard243 µmNet Only
    12-C10SurberStandard800 μm MultifiliamentWith Case
    12-C12SurberStandard800 μm MultifiliamentNo Case
    12-C15SurberStandard800 μm MultifiliamentNet Only