• Biogas Measuring System

Biogas Measuring System

  • WTW - OxiTop Control AN 6 / AN 12

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OxiTop Control meter for biogras measurement/microbiology (aerobic/anaerobic measuring)


  • Comfortable and accurate measurements of the biogas rate
  • Targeted manipulation possible due to special measuring bottles
  • Safety by warning pressure function

One of the main applications is the testing of fermentable substrates prior to use in biogas systems to estimate the gas yield. Anaerobic degradation processes are conducted without oxygen. In order to be able to fill the gas room with inert gas above the sample at the start of the test, the measuring bottle is equipped with lateral connection hubs. These connection hubs are sealed with septa, so that carbon dioxide can be removed from the gas room following the anearobic degradation by adding a CO2 absorber. The resulting pressure difference is proportional to the CO2 concentration, the remaining overpressure is proportional to the methane concentration.

The degradation process can be tracked timewise with the operating mode "pressure". The use of special measuring bottles with lateral connection hubs and septa seals allows the interference-free addition of substrates and solutions. As the methane gas production running under anaerobic processes leads to a pressure increase, the measuring range limits may be exceeded. For such cases, it is possible to indicate a "warning pressure" or pressure limit value, so that the user can manipulate the system.

Order no.
OxiTop Control AN 6
6 measuring points for anaerobic measurements
OxiTop Control AN 12
12 measuring points for anaerobic measurements


  • Long life time – sustainable against hydrogen sulfide
  • Exact documentation – up to 360 data points
  • Suitable for long term tests – measurements longer than 3 months

Biogas Testing – Use Our New Head

The OxiTop-C/B head is a new and innovative product for the OxiTop series.

The modified pressure sensor withstands hydrogen sulfide in biogas samples. And it is easy to distinguish: The green housing shows the difference to classic

standard OxiTop®-C measuring heads. For programming and data transfer the controller OC 110 is used.

Principle of measurement
piezo-resistive pressure sensor
Measuring range 
500 ... 1350 hPa (mbar)
Maximum pressure
2000 hPa (mbar)
 ± 1% of value ± 1 hPa
1 hPa
LED pilot lamp
Power supply
2 Lithium batteries, CR2430
Operation time
up to 2 years