• Soil Respiration Measuring System

Soil Respiration Measuring System

  • WTW - OxiTop Control B 6

DIN ISO 16072

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The soil respiration measurement is used for the prognosis, inventory and control of remediation tasks, for biochemical degradation measurements of substances (pesticides, fungicides, fertilizer...) as well as to conduct toxicity tests.

This determination is possible with the OxiTop Control System and special measuring vessel tested in practice with much precision, easily and at a reasonable cost.

For soil with higher CO2 development, the measuring vessel MG 1,0 is recommended. It has a larger opening (approx. 100 mm diameter) and you will easily be able to use large-volume CO2 absorber vessels for the subsequent quantitative CO2 determination.

To measure the soil respiration according to the AT4 directive, there is an especially designed package that contains measuring vessel with a capacity of 2.5 l as well as a special CO2 absorber with indicator.


  • Different vessels for optimized adaptation to the application
  • Measurements for up to 99 days for special applications
  • Also suitable for AT4 measurements


ModelDescriptionOrder no.
OxiTopControl B 66 measuring points with 500 ml wide mouth bottle208230
OxiTopControl B 6M-2.56 measuring points for AT4 measurement208231
OxiTopControl B 6M6 measuring points with 1.0 l container208232
OC 110
Measuring range BOD standard and routine0 to 4000 mg/l BOD
BOD special0 to 400.000 mg/l BOD
Pressure500 to 1350 hPa
Data sets (depends on measuring interval)180 to 360 data sets per head
Measuring interval0.5 h to 99 days
OxiTop-C, OxiTop-C/B
Measuring range500 to 1350 hPa
Accuracy±1 % v. Mw. ± 1hPa