• Concrete Electrical Resistivity Meter

Concrete Electrical Resistivity Meter


Giatec RCON™ is an advanced tool for the electrical resistivity measurement of concrete using uniaxial method. RCON™ employs AC impedance technique for the accurate and fast readings that can be continuously obtained using its customizable and user-friendly operating software for various concrete materials. The electrical resistivity of concrete can be simply related to their pore network characteristics such as pore size and their connectivity, moisture content in the pores and pore solution chemistry. In concrete materials, the electrical resistivity has been correlated well with important durability parameters such as permeability and diffusivity.

In addition, this non-destructive test can be easily conducted on fresh or hardened concrete specimens at different ages or various stages of hydration in order to study workability, setting and durability performance of concrete. The electrical resistivity method has also been applied to investigate corrosion of rebar in concrete, creep, aggregate segregation and freeze and thaw of concrete since they affect the pore network properties.

  • Fast (<5 Second)
  • Accurate (±2%)
  • AC measurement (Galvanostatic)
  • Wide range of measurement frequencies (1Hz to 30kHz)
  • Phase detection (0-180 degree)
  • Stand alone operation
  • Continuous measurement
  • User-friendly PC software
  • Flexible sample holders
  • Customizable setup
  • USB connection to computer


Information Products
Part # Part Name Description
900035 RCON - Full Package RCON unit, Power adapter, Test cable set, Alligator test clip, Sample holder, Verification kit, Fresh concrete probe, User manual, Communication software, USB cable, Conductive gels, 2 pairs of contact sponge
900011 RCON Device RCON unit, Power adapter, Test cables, Verification kit, User manual, Communication software, USB cable
900018 Test Cable Set  
900012 Verificaiton Kit  
900013 Sample Holder - Bulk Sample holder, 2 pairs of contact sponge
900014 Contact Sponge D150 - Pair  
900015 Conductive Gel - Low Viscosity 250 ml bottle
900016 Conductive Gel - Medium Viscosity 250 ml bottle
900017 Fresh Concrete Probe