• Fournaise à calcination

Fournaise à calcination

Pour vapeurs corrosives

  • Température de fonctionnement maximale de 1100 ° C
  • Chambre de four à quartz fondu, idéale pour les analyses où Al2O3 et SiO2 pourraient contaminer les résultats des tests
  • La doublure de chambre offre un confinement supérieur des vapeurs corrosives et agressives telles que H2SO4, HNO3, HCl

Some analysis techniques may be affected by alumina or silica dust (Al2O3 and SiO2) – the materials normally used to construct furnace chambers.

To avoid this the GSM furnace chamber is constructed from a fused quartz material.

This design also offers superior containment of aggressive and corrosive vapours such as sulphuric, nitric and hydrochloric acids by keeping them away from the heating elements. Additionally if an optional gas inlet is specified, the enclosed design minimises gas leakages from the chamber.



  • 1100 °C maximum operating temperature
  • Fused quartz furnace chamber, ideal for analyses where Al2O3 and SiO2 could contaminate test results
  • Chamber lining offers superior containment of corrosive & aggressive vapours such as H2SO4, HNO3, HCl
  • Moulded ceramic fibre door plug


Options (specify t hese at time of order):

  • Gas inlet for modified atmospheres (the fused quartz liner provides improved containment)
  • Sample trays & racks
  • A range of sophisticated digital controllers, multi-segment programmers and data loggers is available. These can be fitted with RS232, RS485 or Ethernet communications



Order data
  Item Number Description

specialist ashing furnace

Standard voltages
-120SN -208SN -208TX -230SN -230TX -400TN
110 -
120 V
+ N
200 -
210 V
+ N
200 -
210 V
no N
220 -
240 V
+ N
220 -
240 V
no N
380 -
415 V
+ N
  GSM1108-volts GSM 11/8 1100°C, 8 litre, Ashing & Burnoff Chamber Furnace o o - o - -
• = Default
o = Option available
- = Not available
GSM 11/8
  Temperature controller options ⬇︎
  &02-301 301 single ramp PID controller
  &02-2416 Upgrade to 2416CG PID controller o
  &02-3216P1 Upgrade to 3216P1 o
  &02-3216P5 Upgrade to 3216P5 o
  &02-3508P1 Upgrade to 3508P1 o
  &02-3508P10 Upgrade to 3508P10 o
  &02-3508P25 Upgrade to 3508P25 o
  &02-NanoCR Upgrade to Nanodac CR o
  &02-NanoPR Upgrade to Nanodac PR o
  Built in features and options - control options ⬇︎
  TMP-DIGOT-F Digital over-temperature protection o
1 &06-CS Cascade control: chamber furnaces up to 1200°C (includes flexible type N thermocouple in chamber) o
2, 3 &08-232 RS232 Communications o
4 &08-485 RS485 Communications o
  TMP-CALIB Thermocouple and controller calibration certificate (UKAS) o
  &07-04-01 24 hour analogue timeswitch o
  &07-04-02 7 day 24 hour digital timeswitch o
5 &08-06-01 Temperature alarm relay connection o
1 &08-06-02 Program segment output o
6 &08-06-04 Audible alarm with separate cancel button o
  &08-06-05 Audible alarm on over temperature with separate cancel button o
  &14-K-2132 Built in digital temperature indicator (2132 series) for Type K thermocouples o
  &14-06-63 Remote setpoint input for 3508 controller o
  &14-06-62 Retransmission of setpoint for 3508 controller o
27 TMP-&08-TCSKT-X Panel mounted thermocouple socket for connection to spare Nanodac recording channel
(please specify thermocouple type: X = K, N, R, B, 2)
    Built in features and options - gas options ⬇︎
  &11-33 6mm inert gas inlet for chamber furnaces and ovens o
  41-30-21 100mm Flowmeter for chamber furnaces or ovens with gas inlets or retorts (Ar 2-22 l/min) o
  41-30-22 100mm Flowmeter for chamber furnaces or ovens with gas inlets or retorts (CO2 2-20 l/min) o
  41-30-24 100mm Flowmeter for chamber furnaces or ovens with gas inlets or retorts (N2 2-25 l/min) o
  41-30-25 100mm Flowmeter for chamber furnaces or ovens with gas inlets or retorts (O2 2-25 l/min) o
  41-31-1 Solenoid valve with manual switch o
6 41-31-2 Solenoid valve with automatic switch o
    Built in features and options - build options ⬇︎
  &11-18-01 Unglazed viewport  
  &11-18-02 Glazed viewport  
  &11-28-01 Sheathed thermocouple calibration port (up to 1300°C)  


1. Only available with 3508 or Nanodac series instruments
2. For 301 controller - only available when ordered with digital over-temperature option
3. Not available on R38 or Nanodac instruments
4. Not available on R38, 301 or Nanodac instruments
5. Not available on R38 or 301 instruments
6. Can only be ordered with &08-06-01 or &08-06-02
27. Nanodac instruments have 3 spare thermocouple input channels which can be configured to record temperature data from additional thermocouples (or 2 spare channels if cascade option is ordered)