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Delmhorst offers a wide assortment of electrodes known throughout the industry for their durability.

All Delmhorst electrodes fit any Delmhorst moisture meter.


Pin type, with two rows of four pins each, maximum penetration 1/8". Penetration can be adjusted according to stock thickness by means of gauge block. Used for veneer.


Similar to 26-ES, the 18-ES has a 17" steel shaft. Comes with 608 insulated pins for 3 1/4" penetration. Ideal for timber, poles, and ties. Also offered - 18-ED - with depth gauge to measure pin penetration. 


Blade type electrode for measuring of paper on skids. Blades are 5" long. Longer blades available on special order.


Features two 5'' long blades, bent to a 35° angle, and coated in Teflon except for the tips. Great for checking behind trim and baseboard molding.


Fitted with the same 5/16" penetration pins that are mounted on our pin type meters. This electrode is great for a variety of different applications:

  • Home inspector: Use on wood joists and drywall.
  • Paper producer: Use on curved surfaces such as cardboard and paper tubes.
  • Woodworker: Use on timber, poles, and veneer.

2-E is also available as the 2- ET with a tapped handle for hard to reach areas. Can also be fitted with A-103 uninsulated pins with 1 3/32” length and 11/16” penetration.


Makes moisture testing in hard to reach places a breeze. Simply attach any length metal “probe” to the alligator clips on the end of the 2-E/Split and test behind toe kicks, through drywall, or any other area where our standard length contacts pins aren’t long enough.


The 2-E/H is a compact electrode great for long-term monitoring of wood, drywall, and paper cores. This electrode connects directly to the MTX and comes equipped standard with 5/16” pins and a 10’ cable.


The 608 pins that come with the 21-E are insulated, except at the tips, and can reach a maximum penetration of 3-1/4".

Great for use on roofs, insulation, or EIFS.

21-E is also available as the 21-E/001 with 6" penetration, or as the 21-ET with a tapped handle for hard to reach areas.


Comes with A-111 uninsulated contact pins for 7/16" penetration. For use on plaster, masonry and wood. Will also accept 496, insulated pins; 1 1/16” penetration.

22-E is also available as the 22-ET with a tapped handle for hard to reach areas.


The 496 contact pins that come with the 26-ES penetrate 1 1/8” and have insulated shanks so that only the tips are exposed. The pins make contact only at their uncoated tips and provide much more accurate readings of moisture content at various levels of penetration. This feature is useful for a variety of different applications:

  • Flooring installers: Penetrate through flooring to plywood sub-floor, or concrete.
  • Dry kiln operators: Identify moisture gradients which helps to identify the drying pattern.
  • Furniture manufacturers and craftsmen:Easily check high density hardwood that short pins are unable to penetrate.

Also available as the 26-ED, which includes gauge to measure pin penetration depth.


Used for bales, 9 1/2" insulated pins, with 8 1/4" penetration, eliminates the effect of surface moisture.


The 315CAB-0020, when used with optional contact pins, is a great solution for long-term monitoring of wood. This cable connects directly to the MTX using the terminal connection on the MTX.

With pins that are insulated except at the tip, you can obtain core readings which provide a true indication of moisture content at a known depth.

*The 3015CAB-0020 is available in 10', 15', 20', 25', 30', 50', 75', and 100' lengths. Please specify required length based on your application.

**Pins show are part # 309PIN-0042, and are available with 1/2" penetration for up to 5/4" stock, 1" penetration for up to 10/4" stock, and 1-3/4" penetration for up to 5" stock.