• Jauge de déformation pour mesure en surface

Jauge de déformation pour mesure en surface

The VW spot-weldable strain gauge is used to monitor strain in steel. The gauge, which is pre-tensioned for easy installation, features a patented, low-profile design that reduces error caused by bending. A VW strain gauge sensor is fixed atop the gauge. Readings are obtained with a VW readout or data logger.

Sensor Type Vibrating wire
Range 2500 microstrain
Resolution 1 microstrain
Accuracy ±0.1% FS
Length 76 mm (3")
Welder Spot welder


SI52602100 Gauge, set Mid-Range
SI52602101 Gauge, set for Compressive Strain
SI52602102 Gauge, set for Tensile Strain
SI52623000 VW Strain Gauge Sensor
SI06700019 ScotchKote
SI06700180 3M Mastic Pad
SI52623110 Protective Cover, Stainless
SI50613324 Signal Cable
SI50613524 Signal Cable, Heavy Duty