Lecteur de fissure électronique avec caméra

Lecteur de fissure électronique avec caméra

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  • An automatic interpretation of the crack width, directly to the crack width values are displayed on the screen
  • Automatic shooting crack photos, real-time image display
  • Stored photos, data can be playback viewing
  • The option of using a variety of magnification probe test range can reach 0-8mm
  • Probe (camera) comes with lighting fixtures, work around the clock, from the light changes
  • Simple alignment of cracks can be automatically reading, without any set up, fool operation
  • Crack photo as a standard BMP format, direct shoot storage to any U disk / SD card
  • The only in the cracks in the photo while preserving fracture images, the width of the data, scales, zoom factor and the crack number
  • Host and the probe share a lithium battery-powered
  • Reference specification: GJG125-99 "dangerous building appraisal standards