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    Scléromètre à béton Type N

Scléromètre à béton Type N

  • 495,00 $ CAD

Our reliable mechanical Concrete Test Hammer is used for non-destructively measuring the resistance of a reinforced concrete structure.

The greater the resistance of the concrete, the greater the rebound impact. By comparing the values as indicated in the diagram labelled on the Test Hammer, the compressive strength can be found in Kg/cm2. Instruction Manual and Abrasive Grinding Wheel are included with the Test Hammer, and Anvil-17 (17kgs) for callibrating Hammer is optional.

Rebound Value Range 10-60
Rated Rebound Average on Anvil 80±2
Impact Kinetic Energy 2.207J
Spring Rigidity 7.85N
Impact Stroke 75 mm
Hardness of the Impact Surface between Impact Hammer and Impact Rod HRC59-63
Max. Static Friction of the Pointer System 0.5-0.8N
Dimensions Ø 60 x 280 mm
Net Weight 1.00kg
Gross Weight 2.00kg