• Appareil de base pour essais Marshall

Appareil de base pour essais Marshall

ASTM D5581, ASTM D6926, ASTM D6931, AASHTO T245, AASHTO T283...

Basic Marshall Test Set— H-1335
Basic Test Set for evaluating stability and plastic flow (Marshall Tests) of bituminous paving mixtures. Includes all the basic testing equipment for performing these tests. Ideal setup for field lab applications, as well as dedicated Marshall test labs. Included in the set are:
  • (1) H-1339B—Marshall Compression Machine;
  • (1) H-1340—4" Hand Compaction Hammer;
  • (2) H-1341—4" Marshall Compaction Molds;
  • (1) H-1342—4" Marshall Breaking Head;
  • (1) H-1343— Mold Holder for Hand Compactor;
  • (1) H-1344—Dial Flowmeter with Guide Sleeve (Specify H-1344M if you desire a metric Flowmeter);
  • (1) H-1347—Pedestal for 4" Hand Compactor;
  • (1) H-1348—4" Mold Extractor, and
  • (1) H-1390— Water Bath.