• Perméamètre à niveau d’eau constant

Perméamètre à niveau d’eau constant

ASTM D2434, BS 1377 Part 5

Use to determine the coefficient of permeability by the constant head method for laminar flow of water through granular soils. Two manometer ports are grooved & screened on the inside. Distance between ports is always equal to diameter. 100 mesh screens used to prevent migration of material through valves and tubing during test. Acrylic chamber permits viewing sample. Spring incorporated into top cap to apply 5-10 lbs. force against top stone or screen to prevent soil density changes. End caps & clamping ring of anodized aluminum. Each chamber complete with: valves; porous stones or perforated screens, depending on the diameter of sample; tubing for connection to water source and manometer tubes. Permeameters without manometer outlets available.

Information / Specs
  • Meets ASTM D2434; BS 1377 Part 5.
  • Shipping wt. 7 to 12 lbs. (3.2 to 5.4kg)


P/N   Name
HM3860-000 Manometer Tube Stand, Free Standing - Wall Mount
HM3861-000 Manometer Tube Stand, Free Standing
HM3880-000 Constant Head Tank, 1000cc
HM3881-000 Constant Head Tank, 1000cc - 4000cc
HM3701-000 Compacting Hammer


Permeameter Cells Model
2.5" (63 mm) Permeameter Cells HM3801-000
3.0" (76 mm) Permeameter Cells HM3802-000
4.5" (114 mm) Permeameter Cells HM3803-000
6" (152 mm) Permeameter Cells HM3804-000
9" (229 mm) Permeameter Cells HM3805-000