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    Appareil de mesure de l'humidité du sol par micro-ondes

Appareil de mesure de l'humidité du sol par micro-ondes

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A microwave meter for rapid determination of moisture content in different types of soils.

Features and Benefits

  • Fast and easy to use: Simply fill the container with your soil sample, shake it and it is ready
  • Accurate
  • Completely portable
  • Easy to read display
  • Instantaneous readings

The James Aquaprobe represents a break-through in modern moisture measurement technology. By utilizing the latest microwave and microprocessor technology, the Aquaprobe can determine the moisture content of different types of soils and other fine aggregate. Simply insert the instrument in the container and fill the container with a sample of soil to be measured. After shake the container a few times, the instrument will instantaneously display the percentage of moisture content on the easy to read display. The Aquaprobe Microwave Soil moisture meter uses a five prong sensor to measure the complex dielectric constant of the material encompassed by the outer four prongs. As the dielectric constant of water is four to eight times greater than most natural soil types, changes in water content directly effect the sensor output. An average of five to ten readings is normally taken in order to ensure a valid reading. This output is then converted by the integrated microprocessor and moisture content is displayed directly as a percentage of dry weight. The unit comes calibrated for Lean Clay, Silt, Sand (Ottawa Sand and SP sand) and general type of Siltysand soil. It can also be programmed with up to ten different materials by the user. For highest accuracy, the unit should be programmed for the material being tested. Simple to use WIN95/WIN XP software is provided for calibrating the unit to the various materials. Finally, the Aquaprobe can store over 150 readings. Storage is complete with the time and date for future reference. Data can be recalled via RS-232 interface to a personal computer running WIN95/WINXP.


Computer display of the Aquaprobe’s actual readings of moisture content within a soil test sample. Accuracies can achieve +/- 0.2% with user calibrated mode for soils. Accuracies will vary with particle size and material type, organic material will also affect the accuracy. Note: Maximum aggregate particle size is approximately 12.5 mm in diameter.

Moisture Range
0 - 15% by Dry Weight
50 Mhz
 2 x AA Batteries
4 x 16 Char. Trans - reflective
Data Link
RS - 232
4 lbs. (1.8 kg)