• Carotteuse à essence

Carotteuse à essence


Modèle : KOK501G25-

  • Foreuse à essence à main sans aspirateur


Modèle : KOK501G25V

  • Foreuse à essence à main avec vide

HandHeld Gasoline Core Drill is a great drill for geotechnical engineers who need to take a few core samples in the field.

The K-501 is also a great choice for contractors who need to punch a hole in precast sewer pipes. Landscape contractors and general contractors use this gasoline core drill as well for various jobs. With the K-501 Gasoline Core Drill in your equipment fleet you’ll find many uses for this handy tool. The K-501 comes with a safety clutch built in so the drill operator won’t suffer an injury if the core bit binds. We exclusively use aHonda 4-cycle gasoline engine. Honda carries a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty directly.