• Appareil d’essai de perforation à pendule

Appareil d’essai de perforation à pendule

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Determining the most cost effective packaging material for a particular application can be difficult if reliable information is not available on the material behaviour under different load conditions. The impact strength can be crucial if the handling of the package cannot be controlled, especially if objects with sharp profiles are to be packaged.

The Ray-Ran Pendulum Puncture Impact Tester can produce a test procedure that is accurate and reliable. Test results can safely be compared between different test centres, so an international organisation can set material standards world-wide knowing that consistant quality control is assured.

This apparatus is extremely versatile and allows impact velocities up to 3.7 m/s combined with a variable weight puncture hammer to give an impact energy range up to 25 Joules. A special impact energy diagnostic programme has been included to assist the operator to select the correct size of Pendulum Hammer for the material being tested. The test sample takes the form of a circular clamped ring and thus eliminates any possible influence on the test results of the way the sample is cut out...

The Impact Tester can examine the material behaviour in a combination of different ways. By using different Tups, the mode of failure can be analysed to represent direct comparisons with other materials and hence produce an in-house standard, or to simulate actual service conditions.

For instance, if impact elongation properties are required for ductile material, then a large spherical radius Tup is used to induce a high degree of lateral elongation of the material before the Tup can penetrate through the material to the point of failure. If however, a more brittle failure (minimum elongation of the material), a more pointed Tup is employed.

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