• Appareil de mesure de l’énergie

Appareil de mesure de l’énergie

Advanced Pendulum Impact Tester determines the energy required to break or rupture specimens of plastics or ceramics. The apparatus conforms to all of the international test standards including ASTM D256, ISO 179 and 180 for Izod, Charpy Testing , ASTM D1822 for Tension Impact Testing and other recognised standards.

The design utilises advanced dedicated microprocessor technology for simplicity, ease of operation, high accuracy and repeatability of results.

This apparatus is extremely versatile and allows impact velocities from 1.5 m/s up to 3.7 m/s combined with variable weight hammers to give an impact energy range up to 50 Joules. A special impact energy diagnostic programme has been included to assist the operator to select the correct size of Hammer for the Standard and material being tested.

GERR-IMT-0 Advanced Universal Impact Tester
GEIMTA075- Izod vice
GEIMTA082- Charpy Rest
GEIMTA089- Tension Impact Fixture
GEIMTA054- Izod Iso & ASTM Hammers
GEIMTA061- Charpy Iso & ASTM Hammers
GEIMTA068- Tension Impact Hammers