AW Meter- Water activity meterAW Meter- Water activity meterAW Meter- Water activity meter

AW Meter- Water activity meter

  • Saves up to 20,000 data records with %RH, °C, date and time
  • AW Quick function for fast measurement results (typically 4-5 minutes)
  • Audible alarm to indicate completed measurement

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 The AW Meter- Water activity meter is ideal for measuring water activity in production processes such as random checks of cheese, meat, tobacco, building materials, animal feeds, bakery products, paper, medicines, horticulture, agriculture, etc.

Water activity meter - HP23-AW-A set with a great price

  1. Highest possible measuring accuracy
  2. Ensures measurement reproducibility
  3. Relative humidity and temperature measurement and calculated psychrometric values
  4. Two interchangeable probe inputs, digital or analog
  5. 20,000 data point memory with real-time clock
  6. Data capture of 250 data points each for up to 8 defined locations
  7. Probe adjustment with dew point reference
  8. Two input channels for HC2 station probes or HC2 insertion probes can be connected for measurement of water activity, relative humidity and temperature
  9. AW Quick function for fast measurement results (typically 4 to 5 minutes)
  10. Audible alarm to indicate completed measurement
  11. Saves up to 10,000 data records with % RH, °C, date and time
  12. Battery status indicator and charging function


The HygroPalm HP23-AW-A offers the perfect solution for on-site water activity measurements to confirm product stability and indicate shelf life. The HP23-AW-A is suitable as a mobile laboratory unit. Equal to the HygroLab C1 the HP23-AW-A is perfect as a portable analyzer with two probe inputs for any suitable HC2 probe. The HP23-AW-A can also be used in conjunction with HW4-P-QUICK-Vx.

Portable and convenient

Handheld instrument specially configured to suit the water activity user. It includes many of the advanced features of the HygroLab C1, but in a convenient portable configuration, medicines, horticulture, agriculture, etc.


Easy and quick access to service connector possible

Mini USB interface available for a PC running HW4 software

Offers extended calibration and calculation functions

Remote connection to HygroClip2 transmitters

Practical display

The clear, backlit graphic display is easy to read and the simple menu navigation provides fast access to all the information available

Trend indication of values

Saves measurements (capture logging) and allows display of all values

Battery status indicator

Display resolution to 3 decimal places

Various display formats available

Ergonomic housing

Robust ABS housing with rubber grip for secure handling

IP 40 protection


Ideal for all applications where precise measurement of humidity and temperature is required e.g. the food and pharmaceutical industries, printing and paper industries, the sciences, meteorology, agriculture, climatology and many more.

  • HVAC/R
  • Paper industry
  • Horticulture
  • Agriculture
  • Medical industry
  • Museums
  • Warehouses

Range of application-10…60 °C (14…140 °F) / 0…1 Aw / 0…100 %RH
Power supply/Power consumption9 V battery or 9V power supply via mini USB, consumption <10 mA
Power supply9 V battery or USB/ mains adapter via mini USB
Current consumptionMax. 20 mA (backlight ON)
CalculationsAll psychrometric calculations available
Number of probe inputs1
Probe connections2 HygroClip2 or analog input 0…3.2 VDC (power supply for analog probe: 5 VDC)
Start-up time3 s
Measurement interval1 s, 10 s, 1 min, 10 min
Parameters shownAw, % RH, °C, °F
LCD3-line alphanumeric with trend indicators
Acoustical alarm (Beeper)No
Battery indicatorYes
ClockReal time clock provides a time stamp for every measurement
Memory sizeCapture mode: 8 x 250 values / Logging mode: 10,000 values
HW4 compatibleYes, for all HW4 versions
Probe adjustmentSingle or multiple point for relative humidity & temperature.
One or two point temperature
Aw-quick modeYes
Aw Quick functionIntegrated and via HW4 software HW4-P-QUICK-Vx (in shipment included)
Firmware updateWith internet and HW4 software
Communication interfacesMini USB
Service InterfaceMini USB
Enclosure materialABS
IP protection ratingIP30
FDA / GAMPFDA 21 CFR part 11 / GAMP5
CE / EMC conformEMC 2008/108/EG