• Water activity meter

Water activity meter

  • Full temperature-control ( 0-60°C ) for highest accuracy
  • Reusable SAL-T calibration standards
  • Automatic recognition by RFID-tag

Second to none water activity meter with cutting-edge technology, perfect for daily routine determination of water activity in QC-labs in food and pharma.

This meter is as well very suitable to support further investigation to find the source of product spoilage, texture failures or rancidity.

Our cutting-edge and unique sensor technology for water activity measurement, supported by a full temperature-controlled measurement chamber, provides the pre-requisite for best accuracy and reproducability.


  • Full temperature-control ( 0-60°C ) for highest accuracy
  • complete 21CFR11 conformity thanks complaint user management and audit trail
  • Various measuring modes including fast mode
  • Reusable SAL-T calibration standards with automatic recognition by RFID-tag
  • Automatic equilibrium detection to ensure best repeatability and comparability of measurement values

Fast and Accurate

Outstanding meter for hassle-free water activity measurement and result documentation, including 21CFR11 compliant audit trail and user management, automatic verification or calibration, contactless salt standard identification by RFID and a quick mode which guarantees a completed measurement within 10 mins. Additional features like full temperature control in the range of 0-60°C, measurement range of 0.0300-1.0000 aw and a much easier handling of chemical protection filters due to magnetic fixing completes the LabMaster-aw neo. Still compliant with all standards like AOAC, ISO, USP and others

Water Activity Temperature
Measurement Principle Resistive Electrolytic Surface Infra-red
Measurement Range 0.0300……1.0000aw* 0…60.00°C (32…140°F)
Calibration Range 0.0400……1.0000aw* N/A
Resolution 0.0001aw 0.01°C
Accuracy +/-0.0030aw within cal. range +/-0.20°C
Precision +/-0.0020aw within cal. range +/-0.10°C
Repeatability (typically) +/-0.0010aw within cal. range N/A
Temperature Control Programmable measurement temperature in the range of 0……60.00°C (32……140°F)
Calibration Points (%rH) 4%, 6%, 11%, 33%, 53%, 58%, 75%, 84%, 90%, 97%, 100%
Salt standards equipped with RFID tag for faultless identification by the LabMaster-aw neo

* at 25°C chamber and environmental temperature

Operational Conditions Rel. Air Humidity: 5…..95%rH, non-condensing
Temperature: 5….45°C
Altitude: up to 2'000 metres above sea level (m a.s.l.) according to EN 61010-1
Power Supply 100……260 VAC
Power consumption:
Maximum: 42W
Normal Operation: <15W
Stand-By: <0.1W
Display 7" capacitive touch screen
Communication RS-232 and USB 2.0 for PC /
RS-232 for Epson printer TM-U220D
Housing Hybrid painted steel housing/PUR ,
Weight: approx. 10kg
Dimensions (L x W x H)= 423 x 260x 186mm Height with opened cover : 462mm
Volume measurement chamber 12mL
Dimensions Sample Cup Diameter 40mm x Height 13mm
Protection Class IP20
21CFR 11 21CFR11 compliant Audit Trail
21CFR11 compliant User Management