Accessories for zone samplersAccessories for zone samplersAccessories for zone samplersAccessories for zone samplersAccessories for zone samplersAccessories for zone samplers

Accessories for zone samplers

  • Burkle - 5317-0030, 5317-0033, 5317-0011, 5317-0010, 5317-0001

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Accessories for zone samplers


For emptying the collected samples. Quali-paper is free from fibres and lint.

Sealing sleeves

Sealing sleeves made of PP/PVC, sterilisable, they seal individual chambers when filling, emptying or transporting. The sealing sleeves are easy to slide on and they automatically clip into position.

* Suitable for use with foodstuffs

Emptying device

Emptying the multi-collector chambers separately can take place via Quali-Paper or the sealing sleeves. It is more comfortable and even faster with the emptying stand. The samples in the collection chambers can be emptied directly into the sample containers. Just place the multi-collector onto the emptying stand, put the sample containers under the funnels, open the chambers - done.


This saves valuable time, the samples are not contaminated by anything, they are not mixed and nothing is lost. The individual funnels can be set to the different axis distances of the collection chambers. This means that the emptying stand goes with the multi-collectors with a length of 550 mm and 850 mm. If several emptying stands are connected, any length of multi-collector can be emptied.

Item no.L x W cmPieces per pack
5317-000189 x 2350
Sealing sleeves
Item no.Dia. mmMaterialPieces per pack
Emptying device
Item no.ModelMaterialLength cm
5317-0030device with 3 funnelsAISI 304100
5317-0033emptying funnel separateAISI 304